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Looking for Larry in Seattle

Kimberly 3 comments

I love bringing books into our touring efforts!  So when Seattle was on our route, I searched for just the right story and found “Larry Gets Lost in Seattle“.  Although I usually gravitate to e-books, I purchased the hard copy version so we could use it as a bedtime story.

The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations that follow Pete and Larry (Pete’s lost pup) through Seattle’s landmarks.  I decided to use this story book as our actual tour list and made a touring itinerary that incorporated as many of the Pete and Larry’s detours as possible.


So when Pete and Larry checked out the flying fish at the Public Market, we did too!


And when Pete and Larry stopped by Pioneer Square, we did too!


Larry found a hammering giant, so we did too!


And when Pete looked for Larry by the Space Needle, we did too!

Timestamp of snap: 0:01.3

When Larry found a scary guy in Fremont, we did too!


and just like Larry, we didn’t find these people to be so helpful with directions.


We searched the Lake Union Houseboats, just like Pete and Larry.


Some things we did that Larry and Pete missed were:


Eating sushi off a conveyor belt at Blue C Sushi!


Making our own contribution to the Gum Wall!


And drenching ourselves in rainbows at the Chuhily Museum and Garden.

We loved following Pete and Larry’s footsteps through Seattle and still read the story nightly.  It warms my heart to hear DJ squeal, “we been dere” as we turn the pages.

You can bring this post to life by clicking play on our latest episode of “One Epic Adventure”.

And there’s even more good news!  In researching for this blog post, we’ve discovered that Pete and Larry have explored other cities!  Check out the whole list here and see if one of these cities is on your route: Larry Gets Lost Series






Fulltime Families Introduces Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership

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Fulltime Families Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership

This membership boasts the following benefits:

Existing members should login to Fulltime Families before purchasing the Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership to retain their original membership number.  If you need assistance with this, please email info@fulltimefamilies.com

To purchase the new Trailblazer Lifetime Family Membership go to: https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/join-now/


Roadschool Moms Highlight Fascinating Online Resource to Encourage Childrens’ Creativity

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For some of our Roadschool moms, DIY means sparkles and glue all over the place, or building models with tiny pieces and rubber cement that glues our fingers together.  Sometimes DIY seems like a lot of work, but it is most certainly a worthy investment of your time.

On this episode of the weekly Internet Radio Show Roadschool Moms, Kimberly is joined by the Jacobs Ladies, teens Melody and Kayla and mom Dawn to discuss the resource of DIY.org and the benefits of encouraging creativity for your kids.

We also share our simple tips for getting started.

Listen to this and all the Roadschool Moms Episode on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/road-school-moms/id854587085?mt=2

Roadschool Moms Voted Top 5 in Educational Podcasts on iTunes!

Kimberly No Comments

top5itunesFor Immediate Release

Everywhere, USA

Roadschool Moms Podcast Awarded Top 5 Placement Among All iTunes Educational Podcasts!

The Ultimate Homeschooling Radio Network, hosts of Roadschool Moms live weekly podcasts, announced today that iTunes, has ranked their weekly show among the top 5 of all educational podcasts.

iTunes, a division of media giant, Apple, ranks podcasts using an algorithm of downloads, ratings, and “rating velocity” — the speed at which ratings and reviews are submitted to iTunes.

Kimberly and Mary Beth recognize their loyal network of Roadschool Moms who tune in every Sunday night, 9pm EST, “no matter where in the world they are” to listen to encouragement, tips and well respected leaders and experts in the homeschool / roadschool movement, as their secret to success.

“We truly appreciate our loyal listeners who make time to be with us every week and The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network for providing a platform that allows us to reach these moms across the miles.”

You can tune in live and join their interactive chat every Sunday night at 9pm (est) at www.roadschoolmoms.com

or you can listen whenever its convenient to you, on demand at iTunes.com


Roadschooling Chihuly: Fragile Traveling

Kimberly 2 comments

For me, Roadschooling is the delicate art of capitalizing on learning opportunities which arise from our travels, while not turning every field trip into a full blown lecture with a subsequent quiz on the ride home.

It’s taken me a long time to learn this skill, because as a full time rving mom it’s important to me that my kids absorb the experiences our lifestyle provides. The fear is that we will look back with them years from now and realize it all became one long blur of an adventure.

But fear is the bane of learning, and one must release it in order to grow. It is also vital that kids are able to enjoy things, just for the sake of enjoyment. So when an opportunity arose, during our trip to Seattle,  to tour the Glass and Garden Chuhily Exhibit in combination with our trip to the Seattle Space Needle, I knew I would be looking for a Roadschool activity that let them express themselves artfully.

We toured the Chuhily installation at night on purpose so we could bathe in the light that emanated from the pieces when the sun went down. We were all in awe of the free blown glass beauties and discussed a variety of abstract concepts. We hypothesized about Chuhily’s inspiration for certain pieces and discussed the feelings some of the artwork inspired in each of us.

Feeling motivated and a bit hungry, we headed home after a short detour for donuts.

The next day, we all sat at the table and did a multi age art project. I told them, based on what you saw and felt last night, create an original drawing on Shrinky dink paper, with bright colored permanent markers.

We discussed the difference between concrete and abstract, when Dominick presented his Shrinky dink drawing of a limousine. “Why were you inspired to draw a limo after your visit to the gallery?” I posed very gingerly, trying to strip my voice of any judgement. “Well, it was a pretty fancy place”, he said,”and I bet some people arrive there in limos” his 11 year old mind conjured up. Fancy indeed.
After the artwork was drawn, I baked each piece individually in my convection oven and let them curl at will. Our next step will be to create a single sculpture from the peices.

I loved both aspects of this Roadschooling activity and will be looking for more opportunities to introduce art concepts to my roadscholars.

To share your Roadschool successes or challenges, tune in every Sunday night to http://www.roadschoolmoms.com

Here’s our Seattle Episode of One Epic Adventure.


RoadSchool Moms Premiers to hundreds of listeners

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This past Sunday night, RoadSchool Moms Live radio show on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network premiered to hundreds of listeners.

After introducing themselves, co-hosts Kimberly Travaglino and Mary Beth Goff interviewed best selling author and publishing magnate, Lisa Cottrell-Bentley.


Three lucky listeners won a 4 book collection of Lisa’s Wright on Time Book Series.

Missed the broadcast?  You can listen to the entire first episode at the RoadSchool Moms Website and learn about upcoming guests and shows!

Organizing Your Road School

Kimberly 1 Comments

We use a few simple tools to organize our homeschool in our RV.  Click on this video to see how we get 3 kids ready for some learning!




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