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Message In a Bottle

Kimberly 1 Comments

Have you ever been curious about messages in bottles sent out to sea? It’s always been in the back of my mind to toss a message-filled bottle into the ocean to see what would come of it.


Then, the other night, I was reading Blaise a bedtime story about a message in a bottle and decided, the time was now! We were parked on the Gulf of Mexico, with a 1000 ft pier less than 2 miles down the road. The perfect spot to pitch in the bottle!

And, I happened to have the perfect bottle 🙂 I just needed to empty the contents, which was really no problem at all, and we’d have all we needed for a family adventure.

So, at dinner, we started researching messages in bottles and learned a few things:

  • The oldest bottle with a message found in it was 97 years old!
  • You can release bottles in rivers as well as oceans, really any body of water with a current will do.
  • There is a self-proclaimed “Message in a Bottle Hunter” name Clint Buffington who have found tons of these things. His blog is completely addictive! You must check him out!

Time for a Message

What does one put in a bottle they are sending out to sea? What magnanimous snippet of information warrants a lengthy trip on choppy water, only to be washed up on some uninhabited island possibly never again seen by human eyes?


Well, I guess anything you want to say – the sky’s really the limit. But for us, it was all about the ‘stats’. You know, the who, what, when and where. Not really the life altering information that some poor shipwrecked soul might need to unlock the mysteries of the universe – but that’s the best we could come up with for our ‘first bottle’ (yes, we will probably do this again because it’s AWESOME, but more on that later).


We also tossed in a Fulltime Families bumper sticker and postcard, just in case folks are still driving cars when the bottle is found.

We stuffed it all in the bottle and headed to the 1000ft pier at Fort Desoto for our clandestine mission.


It was sooooo cold and windy, which worked to our advantage because we were the only people on the pier.


Blaise was very worried about ‘breaking the law’ and ‘being caught littering’ which was a bit of a concern of mine as well, but I pushed it aside in the name of adventure.

We were all giddy and excited as we ran down the pier, the wind and rain, bracing against us!

And then the moment came. Blaise rehearsed a speech he had written for the occasion:

Today is January 17th, 2013 and we are at Fort Desoto park with a message in a bottle

If you promise not to call the litter patrol on us, we’ll let you watch the video.


Since the bottle’s release, we have all started wondering.. “Where is it now?” Immediately after Chris threw it into the sea (did you see that pitch – he’s so strong:) it started traveling in an easterly direction.

It could be absolutely anywhere!!!

So, to wrap up, releasing bottles with messages in them is AWESOME because:

  1. You feel intimately connected while realizing just how vast the planet is. It’s a very unique and puzzling phenomenon but I already feel connected to the future finder. Even though the bottle may never be found.
  2. The homeschooling potential of this project is ENORMOUS! Geography, conservation, social studies, science, math, creative writing. You could go on and on with all the different aspects you could explore and the kids are completely engrossed.
  3. Throwing a bottle with a message into a body of water, opens your life up to new horizons.

Don’t believe me, why not try it yourself?

As a community building project, we’d like to invite anyone who’s game to cast your own messaged bottle into the sea (or river, or lake) and tell us all about it in the comments!

Let’s see who’s bottle gets found first!



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