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Investigating Aliens in Roswell, NM

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We had heard mixed reviews about Roswell, NM. Some families said emphatically “Don’t miss it” while others suggested we could totally skip it without regretting it.

When we realized it was on our route to the rally in Colorado, we decided we’d take the opportunity to finally cross it off our list.

While I can now completely understand the ambivilance to this tourist trap of a city, I am immensely happy we went. Not so much for Roswell itself, but rather for the hidden gem of a campground we found at Bottomless Lakes State Park, a mere 11 miles west of downtown Roswell.

Coming from the south, we drove for what seemed an eternity down a dirt road. All the while, Chris asking me, “are you sure we’re going the right way”. My response… “Yes!” Eye roll, didn’t give away even a hint of my own uncertainty.

Nothing but dusty desert stretched out for miles before us, and then, a single left turn revealed the pristine oasis that is Bottomless Lake.

If you stood on the cliff overlooking the water at Crater Lake, wishing you could dive into that unimaginable crystal blue water, then you would love this campground.

Full hook up set us back a wooping $18 a night.

The night sky revealed a myriad of stars and rolling out of the rv every morning to this stunning swimming hole was a dream come true!

Sometimes we rented paddle boats, sometimes we used our floats and all the time we enjoyed the laid back family atmosphere of his wonderous place.

Of course, we did roll into town and do the “alien thing”.


We skipped the international UFO museum, and opted instead for a $6 (for the whole family) admission to the Alien Zone.

A converted store front, with limited air conditioning, it’s a veritable treasure trove for those seeking photo ops of the other worldy variety.


Am I glad we stopped at Roswell? Yes. Not so much for the town itself, but rather for the opportunity to recharge and reconnect in a bottomless lake.



Sand Hills, Caves, Sink Holes and Diamonds – with Video

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We are having the time of our lives on our western road trip this spring!  We’ve been fortunate to travel with the Green Heart Adventure. IMG_7647

We’ve been geocaching and posing for silly pictures at the rest stops!



And camping in some amazing places!

First Stop: Monahans Sands Hills State Park, Texas





Where we sledded, rolled, dug, buried and had an all around blast in the sand with a third family, the Sensenigs!

Don’t believe me, I have the pounds of sand in my camper to prove it!

Second Stop: Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico






Where we explored the cave, 900 feet below the earth’s surface (check out the video below to join us on the elevator ride) and we ran into another FtF Family!

Third Stop: Bottomless Lakes State Park, Roswell, New Mexico

IMG_5187On of our all time favorite camping spots, we stayed here last year when we toured Roswell! The camp host told us about Pecos Diamonds and where we could find hundreds of our own, so we packed into the trucks and headed out!



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