2020 Safari Hangout Recap

2020 Safari Hangout Recap

On February 17th, our family, along with about 18 additional families, descended upon Glen Rose, Texas and took up residence at the Oakdale RV Campground. It was to be our home for the week and it was guaranteed to be a bit of a WILD time. After all, it was the Safari...
RVing in Savannah, GA

RVing in Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia holds a special place in my heart. Bill and I moved there to escape the brutal winters up north and, while we had a few struggles and setbacks at first, we came to love the area. There’s an abundance of culture in Savannah that we’d never seen...
The Fulltime Families Explorers Are Good Friends

The Fulltime Families Explorers Are Good Friends

Friends are one of the very best things about life. That’s why the Fulltime Families Explorers used the month of February to focus on friendship by making new friends, tending to old friendships, and learning what friendship is all about. What We Did Throughout the...
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