Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum

Location: West Branch, IA


Reciprocal: None

Full Price Admission Cost: $10 adults; $3 kids; $5 seniors/students/military; under 6 free;

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This museum tells the story of Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover, from childhood to their final years. It focuses on their philanthropy and work to end hunger across the globe, as well as Mr. Hoover’s presidency and the Great Depression.

The exhibits were interesting and diverse, with a variety of artifacts, statues, photographs, and historical papers. We enjoyed learning about who they were as people outside of the presidency.

Altogether we spent about 3 hours, including visiting his childhood home a short walk away. That said, we could easily have spent the whole day reading in the museum.

Quick Tips

  • Parking lot in front, and a large lot nearby at the National Historic Site.
  • No food is available onsite, so be sure to pack a lunch.
  • Be sure to visit the National Historic Site next door to see the home Hoover lived in as a child, as well as his grave and the view back toward the house.
  • Plan on a minimum of 2 hours to see the museum.

Herbert Hoover's Homeschooling Tips. pg

Books to Read

For Littles

For Bigs

Videos to Watch

Audio to Hear

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • What historical events might have gone differently had Hoover not been around? How do you think they would’ve gone?
  • If you lived during 1928, would you have voted for Madison? Why or why not?
  • What would you do differently than Hoover had you been allowed to take his place?

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