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2 Ways to Save on Internet with New Fulltime Families Wifi Partners

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ftf-badge-partnerInternet access is a critical component for many full-time rving families.  From online curricula, to your location independent income source, and beyond to connecting with your mobile community, reliable, high speed, internet access is a cornerstone to long term, slow travel on your own terms.

Fulltime Families has two internet provider partners:


Introducing our newest Fulltime Families Partner: Mobile Internet Satellite.com

The only mobile Internet connection that can always (baring extreme weather) be available is satellite. This rather “amazing” option will provide Internet access virtually anywhere in the lower 48 states of the United States.

Who Can Benefit from Mobile Satellite Internet?

If your cellular connection keeps “dropping” you or the connection is unbearably slow or non-existent … if the closest Hot Spot is an hour’s drive away … if you cannot afford to be without Internet access for a day or longer occasionally …

… then you can most likely benefit from mobile satellite Internet!

There is a lot to understand, when it comes to mobile satellite Internet which is why Fulltime Families is thrilled to have a dedicated resource who can answer all your questions and determine if Mobile Satellite Internet is the right fit for your family.

Mobile Internet Satellite can provide “The Always Online Solution” with an easy to set up tripod-based Satellite Internet system. The folks at MIS bring over 13 years of experience and carry a complete line of mobility accessories.

And they are offering Fulltime Families Members an exclusive $100 Rebate off setup!

Reach out to them today at http://www.mobileinternetsatellite.com/contact-us.php and explore the connectivity of Mobile Satellite Internet.

Top 3 Tax Deductions Fulltime RVing Families May Be Missing

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I have participated in many discussions in the Fulltime Families Facebook group, and the most common types of tax questions that pop up involve questions over deductions…what is deductible, what is not, specifically in the context of the fulltime RVing lifestyle.  So as a guest on the Fulltime Families blog, I thought I’d tackle 3 of the most common, most aggressive tax deductions people ask about.

Filing taxes for 2018? Click here to read our latest post that will help answer your questions about filing taxes as a full-time RV family. 

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1. Can I deduct the cost of my RV?

For most fulltime RVers living in their RV as their primary personal residence, the full cost of their rig is generally not going to be deductible.  Some have tried to take a home office deduction for a portion of their RV, but the IRS has a strict “regular and exclusive use” rule for any portion of a home being deducted as a home office, and it is difficult if not impossible to meet this requirement while living in an RV as your primary residence (see IRS home office guidelines here: https://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Home-Office-Deduction; also see this tax court case where an RVer’s home office deduction was disallowed: http://www.ustaxcourt.gov/InOpHistoric/dunfordmemo.gustafson.TCM.WPD.pdf).  If you financed your RV, you may be able to deduct the interest on your loan.  You also may be able to deduct the personal property taxes you pay to your state for registration of your RV and your tow or towed vehicle.  And in the year you purchase your RV, it may be beneficial to deduct the sales tax you paid upon purchase.  If you make special adaptations or purchase equipment for your RV that is primarily or exclusively used for business purposes (such as a wifi booster, work desk, office chair, computer equipment, etc.), this may also be deductible.

2. Can I deduct my travel expenses?

Travel away from one’s “tax home” may be deductible.  The question of where a fulltime RVer’s tax home is can be a challenge to answer, though.  For most fulltime RVers who do not have a “home base” (i.e. a second home somewhere that they check in with regularly where living expenses are being duplicated), they are considered what the IRS calls “itinerant.”  Itinerants do not by definition travel away from home because their home goes with them where they go.  There may be exceptions depending on your unique situation.  If you do plan to deduct travel expenses, it is important to keep a detailed, written log of your miles traveled (the IRS will ask to see it if you’re audited!).  To read more about deductible travel expenses and record keeping requirements, see https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p463.pdf.

3. Can I deduct my campground fees?

This question is somewhat related to the previous one.  If you can’t prove you’re traveling away from your tax home, then in general, your lodging (i.e. campsite fees) is not going to be deductible.  If you can demonstrate you are traveling away from your tax home, then it may be possible to deduct some or all of your lodging expenses.

In conclusion

In my experience, fulltime RVers really do not get any special tax treatment compared to those living in “sticks and bricks.”  If the RV is your primary personal residence, treat it as such, and enjoy the financial savings you reap by not maintaining a second residence while you travel.  Aggressively attempting to write off expenses which are truly personal in nature won’t be worth it in the case of an audit.  For those who own their own business, there may be more gray area.  If yours is a special or complex situation, it would be a worthy investment to work with a qualified tax preparer who can take your unique set of facts and correctly interpret and apply the tax code to your situation.  Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the numbers that are reported on your return, so it’s important to work with a professional who will be fair but not overly aggressive.  Be sure to keep good, organized records so that you may take every deduction to which you are legally entitled to take.

1Leah Johnson (http://www.leahjohnsoncpa.com/) graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and soon after obtained her CPA license.  She has extensive experience in both the private and public accounting sectors.  Leah is an expert in taxation and is passionate about providing personalized, timely service with a high attention to detail for her clients.  Together with her husband, Steven Johnson, they comprise the “Leah Johnson, CPA” team, providing specialized tax, consulting, and bookkeeping services to a variety of clients, including several fulltime RVer clients.  Leah Johnson, CPA is a paperless firm and serves clients completely remotely, making them an ideal firm for those who are comfortable leveraging technology and those with a traveling lifestyle.  Leah, Steven, and their toddler son have been fulltime RVers themselves since June 2015

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My Indy Dream Job – Exercise 2

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Exercise 2 is right here for you: Exercise 2 – Finding your Expertise

Earning Money While on the Road and Loving It – Guest Post

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“Are you nuts?” was a common reaction when we told our family and friends that we’re selling our house and moving into our RV full time. We’ve been talking about doing this for years…but when the economy took a nosedive, we put it off.

Anyone who knows anything about RVing knows that it’s gotten fairly expensive.  The price of fuel keeps going up (especially diesel which is what we use), the parks are raising their fees, and, of course, there are always unexpected repairs to pay for.

Want more info?  Click here.

Hi, my name is Chris Butler and I’m the guest blogger today with a little secret that I want to share with you. This secret is what’s helping us enjoy the freedom and lifestyle of full time RVing.  And, it might be the answer for you too.

You see before I discovered this secret, my husband Jim and I were getting concerned that our life dream was disappearing. That’s when I got a letter from Paul Hollingshead of AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) asking me if I could write a simple letter.

My initial reaction was, of course I can! I love to write and I had lots of encouragement about my writing from the folks around me.

Best of all, it was something I could do from the road.

Paul went on to explain that these letters were about things people are interested in – like health topics or investing or new products that can help improve their lives.

He said, “The goal is to get people to take some kind of ‘action’ … whether it’s to try a new product, vote a certain way, donate to a worthy cause or simply request some information.
“What’s more,” he explained, “there’s a simple formula for all these kinds of letters. Once you master it, there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make writing them.  And that’s because these letters are the lifeblood of a $2.3 trillion industry – and companies all over the world depend on them for their business.”
He finished with, “Learn how to write them and you’ll never have to worry about money again.”
So I gave it a try and as they say…the rest is history.

Want more info?  Click here.

AWAI offered us an alternative so we didn’t have to give up on our dream. The skills they teach  taught me how I could keep traveling and make a decent income while doing it.
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.59.50 AM

Once I got my business going, we made the big decision.  We knew there was no better time than right now to pursue our dream. We put our house on the market, put a few things in storage, and moved into our 40-foot motor coach.

We already had over 100,000 miles on our Rig, but this time was different. We no longer had a home to go back to. But we were ready. We laid out a plan to tour the country with two of our goals being to see as many National Parks and visiting as many states as we can.

We’ve covered a lot of territory in the last two years and have seen some great sights. Everything from hometown country fairs in Washington State, to the Oregon Coast, to the gulf waters off the coast of Mustang Island, TX and everything in between.

We’ve seen a lot of the West Coast and the Midwest and I’ve been writing the whole way. Our kitchen table takes on many functions:

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.00.16 AMScreen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.00.31 AM

Now we’re working our way East. We have plans to follow the fall colors down the east coast, play golf courses along the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail through Alabama, tour Nashville, TN and then visit Alaska and the Yukon with some friends we’ve met along the way. We’d like to hit all 49 states if we can (don’t think they make floats for a rig to get to Hawaii!) as well as many of the Canadian Provinces.

We have big plans and my pursuing a writing career has made it possible.

To learn more about earning money while on the road like Chris does, click here.



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