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Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to gear up for cookout season. Not only is grilling outside a ton of fun, it’s also practical when living in an RV, as it helps keep your tiny home-on-wheels at a reasonable temperature when the A/C is barely keeping up. For this reason, you’re going to want to be prepared with one of the best grills for RV living before the heat of the summer sets in. 

Last year we discussed a few of our favorite travel grills, the best accessories for grilling, and our favorite recipes and tips for cooking out. This year we wanted to do things a bit differently, so we turned to our members. 

In this article we will list the best travel grills based on what Fulltime Families members had to say. You can buy these grills with confidence, knowing your fellow RVers have tried and loved them all.

The Best Grills for RV Living - Fulltime Families

Image source: Joe Coffin of Let’s Head Wherever

Camp Chef Products

One of the companies we heard about most when seeking out the very best portable grills for RV cook outs was Camp Chef. This company puts out a variety of grills that are just perfect for camping and RV living. In fact, these cooktops were made especially for that purpose. 

In particular, people seem to love the PRO 60X and the PRO 90X. The 60X features two propane burners and the 90X has three. Both have legs that allow the cooktop to stand on its own, and both fold down quite small for easy storage. 

We love that these products have a variety of accessories that can be added on, such as a griddle flat top and a grill top, making it a versatile cooking appliance.

Fulltime Families member Jamie Joann tells us, “We recently got the 2-burner Camp Chef Pro with the grill insert and the griddle insert. We love it!”

Blackstone Cooktops

Another super popular option that we heard a lot about was the Blackstone line of propane cooktops. These cooktops are actually flat tops or griddles rather than true grills, but we say that’s close enough. 

22” Blackstone Cooktop

Most Fulltime Families members we spoke with travel with the 22” Blackstone flat top and absolutely love it. Some have even added accessories such as deep fryers and extra burners. 

Member Joe Coffin of Let’s Head Wherever says, “Not quite a ‘grill’ but I love our 22” Blackstone. There’s not many things you can’t cook on it. Love the versatility. My only wish is that we could fit a larger one.” He’s also shared a YouTube review of his Blackstone

17” Blackstone Cooktop

Erin Bohrer of RV Kidz TV has the 17” version. “We use a blackstone griddle with a deep fryer or extra burner on the side,” he shares. “We use it non-stop and it folds away nicely in one of our outside basement doors.” His YouTube video of his Blackstone can be seen here

Blackstone E-Series

Finally there is Jessa Koppenhoffer, who has moved on from the popular propane-fueled Blackstone. “We recently grabbed the new Blackstone E-Series and we are loving it,” she tells us. “So much so that we sold our 22’’ Blackstone to get rid of the propane tank!”

Traeger Grills

Image sources: Melissa Rinard and Ryan McHone

Traeger Grills

Not to worry, we didn’t forget Traeger in our lineup. In fact, there were a few different Fulltime Families who told us they adore their Traeger grills for RV camping and life, so we had to include these fun cookers. 

Unlike the propane-fueled and electric products mentioned above, Traeger grills are fueled using wood pellets. This gives the food cooked in these grills an incredible flavor. Another nifty feature is the control panel which allows you to set the temperature of your grill.

Traeger Ranger

The first Traeger grill mentioned was their Ranger. This is their smallest grill and is made for tabletop use. It stores easily in any basement storage bay, and can be taken absolutely anywhere.

“We have a Trager Ranger and really like it,” Melissa Rinard tells us. “My only complaint is that it’s a bit small for our family of five. But what isn’t a bit small for a family of five when you live in an RV?”

Traeger Tailgater

Worried you’ll feel the Ranger is too small for your family? The Tailgater model might be a better option. Instead of just 184 square inches of cooking area, this one gives you 300 square inches of space for your food. 

Sarah Rousos has the Tailgater. “We love the Traeger Tailgater,” she shares. “The legs come off and it folds for travel. I love the flavor and the smell of cooking over wood pellets. My husband smokes the best meat on it, but it’s also great for veggies, pizza, or basically anything else you want. It’s bigger than the Traeger Ranger, and the app that comes with it has so many amazing recipes and tips!”

Weber Grill by RV

Image source: Doug Setzer of Learn to RV

Weber Grills

Weber is a classic company that seems to make its way onto every list of best grills. This is for good reason—Weber makes quality products that stand the test of time. 

The folks at Fulltime Families mentioned two Weber Grills in particular: The Weber Kettle Grill and the Weber Q 2000. These are two totally different grills, but both suggestions made sense for different reasons, so we’re including both. 

Weber Kettle Grill

The Weber Kettle Grill was suggested by Jason Ellis of The Traveling Kettle, and though it isn’t a true travel grill, we trust his opinion. And why should we trust Jason’s opinion? Well, this guy has been doing some serious grilling and smoking for many years now and has even participated in some high-level barbecue competitions!

In short, the guy knows what he’s talking about, and he says the Weber Kettle is the most versatile grill he’s ever owned, making it ideal for RV living. 

In Jason’s words: “For the past two years, I’ve been traveling the country with my family in our fifth wheel camper. One thing I’ve learned along the way is, there are many ways/techniques to cook while camping. I’ve tried quite a few and have determined that for grilling/smoking, the kettle grill is the most versatile of them all.”

Want a smaller version of this grill? Try the Jumbo Joe

Weber Q 2000

A couple of people mentioned the Weber Q products, and the Weber Q 2000 looks particularly nice. This nifty propane grill can be put on a folding stand or used on a table top. It’s easy to use, easy to store, and gets the job done well. 

One problem with the Weber Q grills (and any portable propane grill) are the annoying tiny propane bottles that have to be replaced all the time. Fortunately, there is a way around using those. See how Doug Setzer of Learn to RV went about this and learn more about the Weber Q 2000 here

Volcano Grill and Fire Pit

Image source: Christine Lindström of Lindström’s on the Road

Volcano Collapsible Fire Pit Grill 3

Last on our list is a lesser-known product, the Volcano Fire Pit. This one was suggested by Christine Lindström of Lindström’s on the Road as well as a few others. “Volcano all the way,” she says. “Grill and fire pit. Wood, charcoal, or propane. Collapses super tiny. One of our favorite things.”

As mentioned, this awesome product can be used as a fire pit or a grill, meaning it definitely earns its spot in the camper storage space. It collapses down to a surprisingly small size, and all of the parts fit into a convenient carrying case. One of the best things about this grill and fire pit combo is the fact that, as Christine points out, it can burn wood, charcoal, or propane, making it incredibly versatile.  

Hopefully we’ve helped you narrow your options down so you can choose the perfect grill or outdoor cooktop for this summer season. Happy grilling!

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