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When you’re out and about traveling and exploring the world in your RV, you may find that you experience the very common problem of a poorly functioning RV fridge. Then, when you’re enjoying a cooled drink at the end of the day, or you swing open the door for a quick snack, you’re left feeling a little disappointed.

That’s not what you want.

If this is something you’re suffering with you’ve come to the right place. By following a few tips and tricks, you can keep your fridge working to the best of its ability and keeping everything as cool as it should be.

Give it Time

Make sure you’re turning your RV fridge on around 24-hours before you need to use it. This gives your fridge enough time to get to the correct temperature. Since your refrigerator has already reached the desired temperature, it will find it much easier to hold this temperature when you start moving and filling it up with food and drink.

Remain Level

An RV fridge must be level in order to work properly and avoid damage. “Refrigerators are very much dependent on being as level as possible to work properly, efficiently, and to their full potential. This means you’re going to want to take a look at your RV levelling system and how well it’s performing. If you find you’re on a bit of a tilt, this could be where your problem lies,” shares Emma Maris, a writer at PhD Writing Service and Oxessays.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be spot-on level, but most RV fridge manufacturers will recommend you stay level within three degrees sideways and six degrees front to back.

Load Up Cold Products

A fantastic way to keep your RV fridge working optimally, especially when used hand in hand with the first suggestion on our list, is to make sure you’re filling your refrigerator up with already-cold products. This includes things like cooled drinks and ice.

This means when you’re loading your RV, you don’t want to just leave all your food out in your kitchen, so it’s ready to pack up when you load up. Instead, leave all food in the refrigerator in the house and then transfer it as quickly as possible so this temperature is transferred into your RV fridge.

“This continues to be the case while you’re out on your adventures. If you’re stopping somewhere for supplies, then get a bag of ice or cooled, already-refrigerated food from the stores so you can continue this effect with ease,” explains Tara Davis, a RV expert at Boomessays and Custom Essay.

Stay in the Shade

If you’re experienced with RV living, then you already know that the inside of your vehicle can get hot very quickly, almost like a little oven. This means your RV fridge needs to be working extra hard to stay cool, and sometimes, it’s not going to be able to keep up.

Instead, make sure you’re keeping your fridge in a shaded environment, even if that means just putting a sheet up to stop it from being in direct sunlight. The more help you can give your fridge at staying cool, the cooler it will stay!

Maintain a Reliable Air Flow

RV refrigerators also produce a lot of heat out the back of the device. If the heat produced here is unable to travel out and away from the fridge due to restricted airflow, the fridge isn’t going to work properly.

You can easily counter this by ensuring there’s enough space for the warm air to flow to the exterior of your RV. You’ll also want to make sure there’s a fan that can assist with the levels of air circulation. If there’s no fan At the back of your RV fridge, you may seriously want to consider putting one in.

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