February is the month of love. And what do we associate with love? The color red. So it is only fitting that the Fulltime Families members in California painted Legoland red on Valentine’s Day!

fulltime families paints legoland red

There are two goals that are super important for families who travel full-time: building community and taking advantage of educational opportunities around the world. As more than 20 families took Legoland by storm, both of these goals were met all while having a ton of fun!

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Building Community

Our fun-filled day started at the entrance to the park at 9:30 AM as we gathered for a group photo before everyone dispersed into the park.

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Next it was time for some fun!

My family started exploring this park on our own but quickly met up with another family who wanted to join us. A short while later, another family caught up with us and joined us for the rest of the day. It seems that at each ride or attraction we visited, there was another family there too.

One family who drove their RV to Legoland offered to host a Happy Hour in the parking lot at their RV after park closing. The kids all gathered in the RV and played games or watched a movie while the adults chatted and had refreshments outside.

happy hour

Photo courtesy of Mike Mitchell

This just goes to show that if you put in the effort to meet up with other families living this lifestyle along with you, you can be a part of an absolutely amazing community!

Educational Opportunities

Thanks to Lyvett at Fun Family Travel, there was ample opportunity for kids to get in some learning during our field trip. She set up two educational classes for the kids to attend and also provided us with a Legoland themed scavenger hunt booklet.

In true Valentine’s Day fashion, the scavenger hunt was heart themed. The kids were tasked with finding Lego hearts all over Legoland as they explored the park. And of course, they had to find the Lego RVs as well.

lego rvs

The kinder to 2nd grade age group had a class available to them called “Simple Machines”. This was a STEM based learning class which gave the kids a hands-on application to creating machines with Legos and gears.

simple machines class

The 3rd to 6th grade age group had a class called “Energy Lab”. In this lab, kids teamed up to make a Jewel Jeep. They created these Jeeps from Legos and powered them with solar power.

energy lab


What’s a theme park without fun?

From rides to playgrounds to shows to food, there was something for everyone at Legoland. While this theme park is geared towards kids up to age 12, the adults and teens also found activities they could enjoy. However, the younger kids seemed to really immerse themselves in the whole Lego experience.

fun at legoland

Fulltime Families had a great day painting Legoland red while building community and taking advantage of a day filled with fun learning opportunities. Everything was awesome!

About the Author

The Corder family is a family of 5 who loves to live outside the box. Mom, Kristi, is a chiropractor, health consultant, educator and family travel blogger. Dad, Brent, is a software developer. And the kids…well, they’re kids. They launched on their full-time journey from the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas in 2018 and have come to love boondocking in their RV. Finding the best theme parks, mini-golf courses, and ice cream are musts during their travels.

Follow the Corder family @waybeyondthenorm on FB and IG or check out their website at https://waybeyondthenorm.com.

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