We have been going to Legoland, FL with FTF since 2013. This winter was no exception!

Entering the Park

We gathered  early and assembled waiting to storm the gates of Legoland on an unseasonably chilly Florida morning. Our group paired off for much of the day weaving in and out with several other families because, for us, Legoland is all about attending with your friends!


I let our teens run off with their friends so there are no pictures of the 15 year old. I had talked them into coming, not because Legoland is the best place ever for them, but because hanging out at Legoland with other FTF teens is worth it!


The Fun Begins

Our group started the morning racing back to Ninjago. Shortly after that we headed over to Rescue Academy to fight some serious lego sized fires with a little bit of good old FTF competitive spirit!


The fun never stops until the kids get hungry. We made a lunch stop after a few more rides. Keep in mind we traveled through the park with about 5 families at any given point so we were quite a motley crew.


As we were cleaning up from lunch the legos that my 8 year old had brought to trade with Lego employees met an untimely demise. They jumped into a trash can. After we had laughed ourselves silly our friend Bill made a valiant attempt to rescue them, but could only save one. We had to wash off the lego dude that would soon be traded in and get back on track.


Trading Lego Figures

Did you know that your kids can exchange Lego characters with any of the Legoland employees and at designated trading locations? All you have to do is bring fully functioning Legos to trade. My kids spend a few hours the day before building tradeable characters to get a keepsake during their day at the park.


The LEGO World

By late afternoon many people started to head out. It was just SO cold. We couldn’t bring ourselves to leave until we checked out the new section of the park (and found an indoor ride to try and thaw out)!


The Lego Movie section in Legoland Florida is really cool! They have stepped up their game with some pretty awesome virtually based rides. Sadly we were ticking down the minutes to the end of park hours.


A few of us braved it out and shut down the park and headed to dinner together.


Legoland is a great park on its own, but everything is AWESOME when you go with friends and other Fulltime Families!


About the Author

Jennifer and Frank Schillaci have been members of Fulltime Families since 2013. They have 5 of 7of their children still traveling with them. You may know them as Narrow Road Schoolers on Facebook and Instagram.

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