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Family time on the road is a great way to make memories. However, we all know that it can be a bit of a challenge for younger travelers. Children need more entertainment, snacks, and breaks to stay happy.

If you find your little ones are getting bored with travel days, spice up your normal RV activities with some fun road trip printables. While these printables are for kids, the whole family can enjoy helping out with games like the license plate game, scavenger hunts, and bingo.

The collection even includes some road trip printables for parents to help pack and plan using the itinerary printable and pre-road trip checklist.

Here’s how to ensure you can enjoy your time on the road.

Have Your RV Maintenanced Before a Big Trip

There’s nothing like a “check engine” light or odd noise to put a damper on family travel. Bring your RV in for a service check before you adventure out on a long journey. If you’d rather do so at home, check your tire pressure and top off any fluids before hitting the road.

Bring a First Aid Kit

Prepare for any injuries or sick tummies by stocking up your first aid kit before you leave. Include the basics like band-aids, but also throw in some medications for fevers, colds, and coughs.

Add to Your Road Trip Printables

Now you’ve got some printable activities for kids, but don’t forget the iPads, movies, podcasts, coloring books, handheld games, and special surprise toys. A variety of games and activities will help keep things fresh on the road and keep your kids occupied. Don’t forget the car chargers for electronics too!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Road trips are often a great opportunity to indulge in junk foods, but too much sugar can have consequences on your children. Stick to healthy options like apples, carrots, trail mix, and jerky to satisfy their appetites and avoid any sugar rushes.

Plan Out Fun Stops and Breaks

A little bit of prepwork can reveal some fabulous roadside attractions. Look for parks, rest stops, landmarks, museums, and restaurants along your route that are kid-friendly. Plan to stop every few hours for a leg stretch, and alternate drivers to stay safe and refreshed.

Family travel doesn’t have to induce stress for everyone involved. Some planning, preparation, and a positive attitude can make a huge difference on your next road trip. Hit the road and make some treasured memories with your family!

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