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Spending Christmas in an RV might mean changing a few things about how you celebrate. You’ll likely need to change up how you prepare your meals, the kinds of things you do, the types of gifts you give, and—in some cases—even the people you spend the holiday with.

Besides the things mentioned above, you will also probably need some RV Christmas decoration ideas. After all, a full-sized tree simply will not fit in most motorhomes and trailers. Additionally, outdoor Christmas lights are a no-go if you plan on moving often during the season.

Fortunately, there are ways around the issues that come with decorating for Christmas in an RV. Below are some of our favorite suggestions.

Christmas Tree in RV

RV Christmas Tree Alternatives

The most obvious problem when it comes to decorating an RV for Christmas is the tree. As we mentioned, a traditional tree simply will not fit in the average-sized rig. Therefore, fulltimers need to get a little bit creative, looking outside the box for suitable alternatives.

Tabletop Tree

The most popular solution to this problem is to buy a teeny tiny tabletop tree. This is a fantastic option for those who are in smaller rigs and just don’t have any floor or wall space. It’s also inexpensive and easy to store, making it especially appealing.

Pencil Tree

If you have a corner to put a tree in but need something smaller than a regular tree, you might find a pencil tree fits the bill quite nicely. Pencil trees are super skinny, meaning they can fit in smaller spaces, but still tall enough to give that full-sized tree feel.

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Half Tree

Another option for those who really want a larger tree (or just don’t want to give up table space) is a half tree. Half trees go right up against the wall and only stick out half as far as a regular tree. Nobody ever sees the back half of a Christmas tree anyway, so why not get rid of it and save that space?

Garland Tree

Have some extra wall space? You could create a tree on the wall by stringing a garland in a zigzag pattern, thereby creating a triangle “tree” shape. This garland tree can be decorated using traditional ornaments, and a lighted garland can be used if you prefer your “tree” to have lights.

Felt Tree

A similar idea is to create a felt tree to hang on the wall. Simply cut a large tree shape from green felt and hang it using Scotch Command Strips. Cut “ornaments” from different colors of felt and let the kids decorate (and re-decorate) the tree to their heart’s content throughout the season.

Outside Tree

Many RVers find that many of their day-to-day activities move outdoors when they move into their home-on-wheels. Why not move the Christmas tree outside as well? If you have an evergreen tree on your site—and if the campground allows it—you can use a bit of garland and some ornaments to decorate the tree just as you would an indoor tree.

Motorhome Holiday

Other RV Christmas Decoration Ideas

Of course, the tree doesn’t have to be your only decoration, you can also find tables and linens of the same color you choose your decoration. There are plenty of other ways to decorate your home-on-wheels, and many of them won’t take up much room or add much weight at all. Check out these RV Christmas decoration ideas.

Slide Decor

If you have a slide, you can take advantage of the interior slide trim by hanging a string of garland from it. It also works as a nice stand-in mantle, giving you a place to hang your stockings.

Christmas Light Projector

If you want outdoor decor but don’t want the hassle of taking it down and putting it back up every time you move, you might consider investing in a Christmas light projector. These projectors shine fun patterns and shapes onto your rig (or into a nearby tree), giving your campsite a festive look without a ton of work.

DIY Garland

The usual green garland is just fine. However, some people prefer something a bit different. We love simple DIY options that are inexpensive and easy to throw out at the end of the season. A paper chain made using red and green construction paper is a great option, and it’s so simple even the kids can help make it. Another idea is to use a needle to thread red and green pom-poms onto a string.

Wrapped Cabinets

Cute, easy, and inexpensive, wrapped cabinets check all of the most important boxes and are one of our favorite RV Christmas decoration ideas. Simply grab some wide ribbon and criss-cross it over the fronts of your cabinet doors, finishing by tying a pretty bow to make the doors look like presents.

Need a place to display your Christmas cards? Some people skip the bow and use clothespins to hold Christmas cards on the ribbon, creating an adorable display that doesn’t take up any valuable wall, counter, or tabletop space.

Pillows, Blankets, and Towels (Oh, My!)

Finally, there is the option of adding cute and festive throw pillows and a throw blanket to the couch or even the bed. Christmas hand towels hung in the kitchen and bathroom, along with small holiday-themed rugs placed in front of each sink, can also add a fun festive touch.

Don’t want to hold onto these things after the holiday is over? Consider donating to a thrift store and picking up new items next year.

By putting these idea to use, we’re betting your RV will look fabulous this holiday season!

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