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More and more RVers are jumping on the Starlink bandwagon, and many of them are eager for a good, solid Starlink RV mount. Sure, you can leave your Dishy sitting on the ground outside of your rig, but this leaves it susceptible to theft, not to mention the animals that might try to mess with it.

Considering the Starlink hardware costs around $500, having something happen to a satellite dish would obviously be terrible. 

The good news? There are Starlink RV mounts out there! Some are products that can be purchased, while others are DIY options created by clever individuals. No matter which Starlink RV mount you choose, you’re sure to feel more comfortable with your Dishy secured to your rig rather than on the ground. 

Where is the Best Place for an RV Starlink Mount?

First, let’s talk about the ideal spot to mount Dishy. Because your satellite needs a clear view of the sky, the higher you can safely mount it, the better. This leads most people to mount it on the roof or on a flagpole attached to the rig. 

Keep in mind that installing a mount that cannot be moved around—i.e. the vast majority of mount options out there—means you can’t always move the dish around a given campsite to find the clearest spot. In areas with trees, this may become a problem, but generally, you should be able to park in such a way that Dishy can do her job. 

Can You Mount Starlink on an RV Permanently? 

The official answer is no, you cannot mount your Starlink to your RV permanently. Dishy moves around to find satellites, something she’s not yet able to do on the move. Driving with the dish on the roof will cause issues with the hardware. It could also break from the speed of the wind while driving. 

All that said, some people have chosen to take their chances and mount the satellite to their roof permanently, but most turn off the motors that move the dish and install it laying flat. This seems to work alright for some, but if the motor is off, the lack of dish movement is sure to result in less-than-stellar connectivity. 

Since permanent RV mounts are not currently recommended by Starlink, we have to recommend against doing this.

The Best Starlink RV Mount Products

So you aren’t really supposed to mount your Starlink to your RV permanently, but this definitely doesn’t mean you can’t mount it at all. There are a number of Starlink RV mounts out on the road already. Below are some of our favorite products that are currently on the market for mounting your Starlink dish to your RV. 

Axia Alloys Starlink RV Ladder/Tubing Mount

The Axia Alloys Starlink RV Ladder/Lubing Mount is just a tiny piece. We like that it is super small and simple—two things that tend to go hand-in-hand with RV living. It’s also one of the less expensive mounting options out there. To use it, you just attach the piece to your RV ladder (of any other sturdy tube) and then clip Dishy into place. The dish will need to be taken down before you drive, but the mount can be left in place. 

Pyramid LED Whips Starlink RV Ladder Mount System

The Pyramid LED Whips Starlink RV Ladder Mount System is just a traditional RV ladder-mounted flag pole with a Starlink adapter on the end. It can be installed in just 20 minutes and with very basic tools and skills. It’s also a very sturdy option. That said, you will of course need to remove the satellite and pole before driving, leaving the mount in place. 

Flag Pole Buddy Starlink Mount

We really like the Flag Pole Buddy Starlink Mount option as a Starlink RV mount. It’s similar to the more traditional flag pole mount style above, but it uses two poles, making it easy to mount your satellite without climbing a ladder. The two separate poles also help distribute the stresses of the wind, making this a very sturdy option. 

Hitched 4 Fun Starlink RV Hitch Mount Kit

Lastly, there is the Hitched 4 Fun Starlink RV Hitch Mount Kit. Unlike the above options, this kit mounts to your hitch receiver and sends a sturdy pole straight up above the roof of your RV. The Starlink dish then clips onto the end of the pole, ensuring you get the best connection possible. This is a great option for those without built-in RV ladders. 

DIY Flagpole Starlink RV Mounts

Maybe you prefer finding and/or building your own RV Starlink mount solution over buying premade products. This is totally possible, and might even be a bit more affordable if you do it right.

DIY Ladder Mount

To make your own DIY ladder mount, we recommend using a product like this to mount a sturdy flagpole to your RV ladder. From there, use the Axia Alloys piece listed above or the official Starlink flagpole adapter to attach Dishy to your mounting pole. 

DIY Hitch Flagpole Mount

You can do a similar thing by purchasing a hitch mount flag pole holder and using it to hold a tall flagpole. Again, you will need the aforementioned Axia Alloys piece or the Starlink flagpole adapter to attach the dish to the pole. 

Starlink RV Roof Mount Ideas

Perhaps you prefer to have your satellite on the roof rather than using a ladder or hitch mount. There are a few Starlink RV roof mount options as well, and not all of them involve permanently attaching the dish like in the video above. 

Included Tripod and Weights

The cheapest and easiest Starlink RV mount option is, of course, to use the included tripod to hold Dishy and place the whole setup on your RV roof. If you choose this option, you will want to be very careful not to damage your roof with the tripod legs. You’ll also want to find a way to weigh the tripod down. Ankle weights or sandbags could be good for this. 

Starlink Pivot Mount With Magnet Mounting Bracket

Unfortunately, simply putting the tripod on your roof is not the safest option. Even if you weigh it down, there is a chance that the whole satellite could blow down in a storm. For this reason, we highly recommend finding a sturdier way of mounting your Starlink to your RV roof. 

One way to do this is to purchase the Starlink pivot mount. This can be screwed into place, but since you’ll want to remove the dish while in motion, we recommend using a super strong magnetic mounting bracket to hold the dish in place. 

Closet Channel Mounting Brackets

Another fantastic semi-permanent Starlink RV mount idea involves a set of two closet channels, some bolts, and some wing nuts. This solution is shown in the video below and is absolutely genius.

Clearly, there are plenty of Starlink RV mount methods and options out there. Hopefully one of these great ideas will work for you and your rig so you can continue to stay connected wherever you roam!

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