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Some of the most beautiful and amazing sights in our country are found in our national parks. This is why so many RVers make a point of seeing as many parks as possible. It’s also why many of these full time-travelers dedicated precious storage space to a national parks book collection. 

If you’re planning to hit the road in an RV, you will definitely want to keep some national park books on hand. Why? Because these books can help with daydreaming and inspiration, trip planning, and recording your memories, helping to ensure you have the best national parks adventures possible. 

Not sure which national parks book options you should add to your RV bookshelf? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Below are our top America’s national park book picks. Grab these, find a cozy place to read, and get ready to be inspired to explore.

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National Parks Book Picks for Adults

First, let’s take a peek at the books we love for adults with a taste for adventure. Honestly, most of these books are great for the whole family, so you might want to consider leaving a national parks coffee table book or two out for the kids to look at as well.  

U.S. National Parks Adventure Journal & Passport Stamp Book

One of the very best options you can pick up is a national park passport book. We especially love the U.S. National Parks Adventure Journal & Passport Stamp Book for this. 

This national parks stamp book gives you a place to collect a unique stamp at each park you visit. It also serves as a journal, giving you space to jot down a few memories. Finally, this book is a great way to keep track of which parks you’ve visited and which ones you need to add to your bucket list. 

National Park Quarters Book

For those who like to collect more than stamps, there is the National Park Quarters Book. This national park coin book provides the aspiring coin collector a place to keep each one of the national parks quarters that are currently in circulation. It also includes a bit of information on each of the featured parks. 

This national park quarter collection book is a fun way to collect something relevant to your travels without taking up too much space in the rig!

National Parks Bucket List

Another great US national parks book that helps you record your travels and preserve memories made is this national park bucket list book. It includes a nice list of the best attractions in each park so you can choose the options that work best for your family. 

Additionally, this national park bucket list journal provides both planning prompts and journaling prompts. This helps ensure your trips are well planned in advance and well recorded after the fact.

National Geographic Atlas of The National Parks 

Prefer a book full of inspiration over a national park journal? If so, the National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks is for you. 

This National Geographic national parks book is absolutely beautiful. It features the breathtaking photography we’ve all come to expect from NatGeo, and will almost certainly leave you longing to visit these gorgeous places. On top of that, the book provides detailed maps of every park to help you in the planning stage whenever that travel bug bites as you’re admiring the photography and inspiring descriptions of the parks. 

Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the USA

For the planners out there, there is Fodor’s The Complete Guide to the National Parks of the USA. This is the most intensely detailed national parks planning guide book we’ve had the pleasure of coming across. 

It is definitely an enormous help when it comes to knowing where to go and what to do once you arrive at a park, and might be the best national parks book out there for those who feel lost during the planning process. No matter what you need to know, this book likely has the answer.

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National Parks Book Picks for Kids

Want to get the little ones excited about seeing the gorgeous national parks our country has to offer? You’re in luck, because there are tons of options for those looking for a national parks book for kids. In fact, we recommend picking up several!

My Very Own National Parks Journal

The perfect national parks travel journal for kids, My Very Own National Parks Journal is adorably illustrated and wonderfully engaging. We love that you fill in the name of each park you visit, meaning you can use the 64 park journal entry spaces for national monuments or historical parks if you so choose. 

Each park journal page features writing prompts, helping ensure your child writes about the most important parts of your visit. It also doubles as a national park passport book by giving your child a place to collect a stamp at each park. 

Passport to Your National Parks, Junior Ranger Edition

Another fantastic national park passport book option for kids is the Passport to Your National Parks — Junior Ranger Edition. This book features space to gather national park stamps from each region of the US. It also offers tons of information on the parks, as well as some national parks-related activities. 

This is a fantastic national park book for kids, especially those who can’t or won’t dedicate a lot of time to writing about their adventures but would still like to collect stamps.

The National Parks Coloring Book

Do you have a little artist on your hands? If so, The National Parks Coloring Book is a must-have. This beautiful book features gorgeous artwork of the parks, which can be colored however the user sees fit. 

We really like to use this national parks coloring book to get kids excited about seeing the national parks in person. It’s also great for encouraging kids to sit quietly and enjoy nature while in the parks. 

DK Sticker Encyclopedia National Parks

The ideal road trip activity book, the DK Sticker Encyclopedia National Parks book is perfect for families on the road. This book includes more than 600 reusable animal and plant stickers, along with lovely images of national parks that serve as backgrounds for those stickers. The stickers provide hours of fun as kids create national parks-inspired scenes of their own. 

Of course, the addition of information on the parks is also nice and definitely adds to the value of this beautiful and fun national park sticker book. 

National Parks of the USA

Colorful, informative, and engaging, National Parks of the USA is the perfect national parks book for kids. It features information on the animals, plants, habitats, and ecosystems found in the national parks. Also included are facts about the history of some of the parks.

Of course, kids aren’t likely to take in this information when presented in a dry textbook format. Fortunately, the creators of this book understood that, and went out of their way to present all of the material in a way that is fun and easy to understand. 

National Parks of the USA Activity Book

As if the book itself wasn’t enough, the creators of the book above also put together the National Parks of the USA Activity Book. As the name suggests, this is an activity book that pairs perfectly with the National Parks of the USA book. 

This book includes a number of excellent activities, a fold-out poster, stickers, and more. It definitely makes learning about the national parks even more fun!

Clearly, there are plenty of choices for anyone looking to create a lovely national parks book collection. Which ones will you choose to help you plan your big adventures?

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