Believe it or not, this is our first time in Baton Rouge. On one of our other excursions west, we stopped and toured New Orleans, but we barely blinked at Louisana’s capitol city.

I’m glad we made time for it on this jaunt west for several reasons;

  1. The people! We are fortunate to be parked with The Simpson Six and Green Heart Adventure. Three ftf families, 12 kids, 6 parents, 18x the fun!
  2. The culture! I love Louisiana. It’s the one state that seems closest to the roots of it’s early settlers. I love the food, the atmosphere, the sometimes gritty reality of it.
  3. The beignets! But more on that later.

Our Baton Rouge Roadschool field trip started with lunch for 18 at a restaurant along the mighty Mississippi.

No servers or children were harmed in the eating of lunch.


After that, we strolled to the USS Kidd Destroyer and Museum.

The museum was filled with military memorabilia and artifacts and even hosted an amazing exhibit of model ships. It also exhibited the first ever made PA-10 rifles from Palmetto State Armory.



On the Destroyer, we self led (some better than others) and took as many pictures of kids with collosal guns as possible.The guns eeriely





After we toured the boat (and even made use of the authentic facilities) we loaded up in the trio of trucks and headed to Coffee Call for beignets!


Evidence that they served the fried heavenly pillows was evident in the parking lot, where the trails of powdered sugar led right to the front door.


We indulged in original beignets and a Coffee Call specialty, beignet fingers!


All and all it was a perfect Baton Rouge kinda day!


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