Vacations for full-time RVers may seem like a silly concept to some. In fact, to outsiders, it might look like your life is one perpetual vacation, but we know that’s not the case. While it’s true that you live in an RV and travel freely around the country, you’re still living your regular life.

Typically this includes working a job, helping your kids with school, cooking food, cleaning the RV, planning for future trips and mapping out destinations, combatting never-ending piles of laundry, taking multiple weekly trips to the grocery store, and numerous other mundane activities that make up normal daily life.

In short, you are living your life just like people in a sticks-and-bricks dwelling, you’re just doing it in an unconventional way as you travel and explore the country. That means that sometimes you need vacation time just like families who live in more traditional settings.

On top of that, people who have already shed the traditional confines of typical sticks-and-bricks living are more prone to want to travel as much as possible, and there are certain places that you just can’t take an RV.

Vacationing for Fulltimers

The Best Vacations for Full-time RVers

Cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and land tours overseas are popular vacationing options for people who live full-time in their RVs. These awesome vacations for full-time RVers offer new experiences and destinations, while also requiring you to leave your home behind and really escape for a bit.

— Cruising —

Cruising is the perfect vacation getaway for RVers. They combine multiple vacation destinations, but you only have to pack and unpack one time. You go to bed in one location and wake up to a whole new area to explore. And, the all-inclusive nature of cruises—with food and entertainment all included in the initial cost—makes for an easy and hassle-free vacation where all you have to do is get on the ship and enjoy yourself.

Cruises are also great for families, as they have lots of activities to keep the kids happy and entertained, as well as many adult options for many easy and stress-free date night options while aboard the ship.

Some of the more popular destinations for cruises are the Caribbean and Alaska. If you are interested in more information about how families cruise or want information on how to book one, reach out to Fulltime Families Business Member, Alisha Deschene, with Enchanted Travel with Alisha. As a Fulltime Families member, Alisha understands all the needs and things that families would look for when cruising.

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— All Inclusive Resorts —

All-inclusive resorts are similar to cruising, but you stay in one place at one resort. A lot of people enjoy these types of trips because it gives them more time in one specific destination, so they can explore as much as possible and experience more of the local flavor of the area.

Additionally, many people enjoy these types of vacations because, with everything being included in the initial price, they know exactly how much money their vacation will cost them.

Many all-inclusive resorts also have kids clubs where children can spend hours doing crafts, learning about the local culture, playing with other kids, and having an amazing time. This type of vacation also lends itself well to fun date nights for mom and dad while the kids enjoy supervised after-hours kids club activities.

— Overseas Land Tours —

Land tours overseas are very popular ways to experience Europe and other destinations, with a trusted leader to show you around.

These locally guided excursions generally will have a set itinerary that features several interesting stops and attractions along the way. Food also tends to feature prominently in these tours as guests feast on local cuisine and typically get to go to places off the beaten path that they may not have found on their own.

These tours are great introductory options for travelers who may not be ready to tour a foreign country on their own just yet.

Storing Your RV

What to Do with Your RV While You are On Vacation

What will you do with your rig while you’re away? There are a few different options that will allow you to take one of these great vacations for full-time RVers.

Many campgrounds offer storage options for weekly or monthly fees, which makes it convenient to store your RV while you are away. Some campgrounds may even let you leave your RV on your site and plugged in while you are away. You’ll need to consult with the campground in question to be sure of what their rules are.

Another option is to have someone stay in your RV and “housesit” for you. Again, you will want to make sure this arrangement is acceptable at the campground you will be parked in.

Planning Your Vacation from RV Life

Your RV is your home, and as comfortable and homey it is, sometimes it feels good to get away from it and take a different kind of a vacation. When you’re ready to start planning your next trip, I am more than happy to help you get started picking one of these vacations for full-time RVers. Just send me an email  or visit my website and you’ll be on your way to a new great adventure.

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Alisha, Mark, and their 8 children are Lifetime Fulltime Families members and were full-time travelers for over 4 years, launching from their home state of Maine in September 2014. They recently bought a house in San Antonio to give their adult children a home base as they take local college classes. They plan on getting back on the road on a part-time basis with their younger children beginning in January of 2021.

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