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Nowadays, you’ll see many RVers and travelers with either a smartphone or a tablet. Why? Well, apps are supposed to make tasks simpler, right? Therefore, it’s no wonder that nearly every RVer and traveler are using apps for RVers to enhance and simplify their travels.

So, if you’re an app-loving traveler, or a traveler who can’t live without their device for just a day, here are seven of the best apps to for RVers.


Roadtrippers is a good app to have handy, when it comes to finding the best stops to make during your road trip,” says Gary Claassen, an RV blogger at Brit student and Australia2write. “Whether you’re an RVer, or someone travelling by car, or carpooling with other people, Roadtrippers helps you find some of the best roadside attractions, some great scenic points, and even parks to stop by and visit. While the free version includes up to seven waypoints, the premium version gives you more.”

Google Translate

With Google, there’s an app for almost anything. With the company’s array of products and apps, it’s not surprising to come across Google Translate.

Yes, in your travels, you may come across someone who speaks a different language than you. Therefore, it’s important to have a pocket translator with you, right? Then Google Translate is your essential travel companion. It’s a free translation app that makes it easier for you to communicate with other people, so that there’s no language barrier. And, did we mention that this app is free?


It’s good to ask around to see where the best restaurants and attractions are. However, it’s also good to have a backup, if you can’t find anyone to ask for recommendations: Yelp.

Originally a site online, Yelp has also become a mobile app that lets you find everything on your smartphone or tablet, from the best restaurant in town, to where you can participate in happy hour. You can also save money with the app by looking for check-in offers, with some businesses offering discounts to Yelp users. All of these features make this one of the best apps for RVers.


When you’re RVing or traveling, it’s good to have a reliable weather app with you. And that’s where AccuWeather comes in.

Of all the weather apps on the market, many travelers rely on AccuWeather. With hourly and daily forecasts, the app has you covered. It even shows you information on air quality, and lets you know when severe weather is around by sending you updates. And the best part? You can customize the app to show the data that’s most relevant to you.

Google Maps

Another great app from Google, Google Maps can be used for navigation purposes. The app lets you all the great places that you’ve been to, and lets you see new places on the map that you would like to explore. By saving a location on the map, it helps RVers and travelers remember where they have been, and then figure out where they want to go next.

There’s even a feature on Google Maps that lets other travelers offer recommendations. Just pull up the app and save the location on the map.


Ever wanted to find cheaper gas, but don’t want to waste time (and gas) searching for the best gas station? Then, GasBuddy to the rescue! This is one of the excellent apps for RVers that can save you tons of money.

This free mobile app displays user-updated gas prices in the United States and in Canada. Whether you’re traveling by car or by RV, finding the cheapest gas on the road is essential. You can look up gas prices in other cities and compare prices.


“Nowadays, people love to share their travel experiences on social media,” says Trudy Mitchell, a writer at Next Coursework and 1day2write. “And with Instagram, your travel experience will be so much fun, as you connect with people and make new friends during your travels. You can even geo tag your location on Instagram, so that friends and family can see where you’re at, and you can easily invite them to hang out by leaving a comment or sending a message.”

Whoa! Those apps can do wonders on your next trip, regardless if you consider RVing, or using another mode of transportation! So, have fun on your next adventure, as you put these seven apps to the test, and get out there!

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