Hope for the Holidays. A Fulltime Families outreach organized by the Traveling Mercies Branch.

This holiday season our hope is to help facilitate some JOY in the lives of the families that may be experiencing a difficult time.

We know that the holidays aren’t all about gifts, but we want families to have the option of giving gifts to their children in the midst of hardship if they so desire.

To give our community the chance to help with this, the Traveling Mercies branch is organizing the Hope for the Holidays giving tree.

If you know of a family in need you can let us know via this form.

Nominations are open for all FTF families and are confidential. Nominations Close: 12/8/2019

Considering getting involved in the spirit of the season?

Whether through the Hope for the Holidays giving tree, or your own unique and creative approach, the entire community benefits when we give of our time, talents, or resources.

You can participate in the Hope for the Holidays giving tree in the following ways:

Sponsor a family directly – A list of needs will be published the week of December 9th and we will help facilitate connections to make sure that your gift arrives in time.

Contribute to the Hope for the Holidays Fund – Anonymous, tax deductible giving can be made through the branch via Paypal at this link. it’s important to mark the gift “Traveling Mercies Christmas Giving”. We will use 100% of the funds to sponsor as many families as possible.

We have been blessed by this community and are excited to see families pooling resources to help those in need this December.

To find out more about Traveling Mercies, or any of the FTF Branches, please visit our updated Branches page.

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