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10 RV Essentials You Don’t Know You Need

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When purchasing an RV there are many RV essentials you know you will need, like water and sewer hoses, but there are also many things you will need but no one tells you ahead of time. Some items are for comfort, some for safety, and some just to make your life a little easier.

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1. RV waste tanks all have valves that are pulled to empty the contents through the hose and into the sewer. Unfortunately, these valves can break, leading to waste leaking (or pouring) onto the ground. This can be mitigated with a twist on waste valve at the end of the waste line. If any of the primary valves allow waste through, the Valterra T58 Twist-On Waste Valve will help you avoid a huge mess!



2. Speaking of waste tanks, most sewer hoses come with an opaque elbow to attach to the sewer opening. We recommend replacing that elbow with a clear one, like the RhinoFlex Clear Swivel Fitting. This will allow you to see when the tanks are fully emptied and will allow you to better monitor the tank health.

3. People often complain that their RV moves too much, especially with kids running around. X-chock Wheel Stabilizers will help with stability, as well as prevent the RV from rolling when on an incline.


These X-Chocks have been keeping an 18,000 pound fifth wheel stable and safe for over two years!

4. When at a campground family members will often be coming and going at different times, participating in events and socializing with friends. When no one is home you want to keep the RV locked and secure, but it is a pain to have everyone carry a key. A keyless lock is the solution. Everyone needs only to know the combination to lock and unlock the door, and if you need someone to go inside your RV when you aren’t there you can easily give a campground employee or friend the code.

5. Many things in an RV run off the 12V battery, and fuses will need to be replaced. It is important to have a selection on hand.



6. RV freezers are often small and not as cold as residential freezers. If you like cold beverages, a countertop ice maker is essential. They continuously make and store ice, and bringing a bag of ice to an RVers potluck is a great way to make friends!



Yes! You still can have ice while living in an RV!


7. While cabinets are made to stay closed when traveling, over time some will fail. To avoid finding all your canned goods on the floor after a particularly bumpy road, child safety locks are a great way to ensure things stay closed. These work well for two doors with handles while you will want something like these for single doors.


8. Things will break and zip ties are often a great way to fix them, sometime permanently and sometimes as a patch until you can get the supplies to fix it. It is important to have a variety of sizes as well as some longer ones.


9. In addition to breaking, things will tear and leak. For issues with the roof you will want Eternabond Tape, if your awning tears you will want to repair it immediately to prevent worsening using Camco Awning Repair Tape, while Rescue tape will save the day when you have a leak.



10. The final thing you shouldn’t RV without when traveling with kids is a Fulltime Families Membership. In addition to a variety of discounts, a membership provides access to a fantastic community of fellow RVers through Facebook and access to events across the United States throughout the year.

A membership in Fulltime Families is an RV essential for anyone traveling by RV with children.


About the Author: Erin Muller, who is originally from upstate New York, has been traveling since early 2016 with her husband, 3 children (16 and 14 year old girls and a 12 year old boy), and dog. While she can’t pick a favorite place they have visited, some that top her list are Yellowstone, southern Utah, and Disney World!

Adirondack Experience (Roadschool Guide)

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Adirondack Experience

Location: Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Reciprocal: NARM, Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM)

Full Price Admission Cost: $20 adults; $12 kids; under 6 free

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

There’s no denying the fact that the Adirondack Mountains are beautiful. What many people don’t realize is just how rich and beautiful the history of this special place is. That’s where the Adirondack Experience steps in. This amazing attraction brings the culture and history of the Adirondacks to life for people of all ages to see, experience, and enjoy.

This enormous museum campus features a number of different buildings. The first is a state-of-the-art interactive museum that introduces guests to the people of the area, both past and present. It explores the Native American tribes that first ventured into the Adirondacks, as well as the many others who bravely followed suit. The new exhibit also explores the many trades people have held in the Adirondacks through the ages, along with some of the customs that have grown from the place. This building is the perfect introduction for those wanting to learn more about the area.

Of course, there is much more to see on the large museum campus. Other buildings and exhibits include a children’s area, a section entirely focused on logging, an exhibit on boating, traveling and temporary exhibitions, and more.

Besides the many amazing exhibits onsite, there is also plenty of awesome scenery and trails to check out. Classes and special programs happen on a regular basis, and meet-and-greets with area artisans are often another option.

As you can probably tell, this is a very neat and informative museum, and we highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area.

Quick Tips

  • Food is available for purchase on the premises. Outside food and drink is also allowed, and picnic tables are available.
  • Bus parking is available.
  • There are many buildings and hands-on activities. It is easy to spend at least 4 hours here.
  • There are multiple buildings and some of the activities are outside, so it is recommended to go on a nice day. This attraction is only open during the warm months. Be sure to check a calendar before planning your visit.
  • For more pictures of our visit to the Adirondack Experience visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FulltimeFamilies

This post may contain affiliate links. By purchasing through our links you will help Fulltime Families bring you more great Roadschooling Guides, at no additional cost to you.

Books to Read

For Littles

For Middles

For Bigs

Videos to Watch

Audio to Hear

For Littles

For Bigs

Activities to Do

Things to Discuss

  • What do you think drew people to the Adirondacks?
  • If you were an early Adirondack explorer what would you have packed?
  • Would you like to live in the Adirondack mountains? Why or why not?

Other Area Attractions

Below are some of the other great attractions in this area. We try to keep things affordable, sticking to free and cheap attractions and/or museums and zoos on reciprocal lists. If an attraction is affiliated with a reciprocal program or offers free admission, I have noted that beside the attraction listing. To learn more about saving money using reciprocal programs, see this post.

Closest Places to Stay on a Budget

For information on camping memberships, see this post.

For more great roadschool guides written by Chelsea Gonzales, have a look around our blog or visit Wonder Wherever We Wander.



Fulltime Families DIY Kids

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Fulltime Families has an exciting new program which is great for kids ages 10 and up! Here is the review from our DIY Kids Coordinators Chris and Dawn Jacobs.

The Jacob’s Family visiting the DIY headquarters

Our family  has been involved with DIY.org for almost six years.  We are excited to introduce it to our Fulltime Families community so we can expand how our kids can interact with other kids in the smartest of ways!

What do DIY.org and Fulltime Families kids have in common?   By DIY’s own definition: “Awesome Skills for Awesome Kids; DIY is a safe online community of creative kids to discover new passions, level up their skills, and meet fearless geeks just like them.”  Basically, it’s a chance for kids to discover new skills, try 100s of challenges, get peer feedback and earn patches.


DIY encourages kids to be creative and share their projects they did on their own, hence the name DIY.  It’s fun, it expands their interests; it develops skills and the kids earn rewards (and patches) for their efforts!  Fulltime Families now has a way for our FtF kids age ten and over to be more interactive with each other, sharing and learning together with DIY!  

On the Facebook group Fulltime Families DIY Kids, parents can let other parents know who their kiddos are by sharing their DIY names.  They can also ask questions, share and see what others are doing, and be recognized for their progress.

Example of Challenge 

There will be skills to do together as a group; both independently and some collaborative skills as we gather at hang outs or rally’s.  Many skills could apply to the upcoming FtF STEAM [https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/events/roboticsontheroad/] Rally this August in Michigan!  For example, to earn the patch for Mechanical Engineer, kids choose at least three of these challenges to complete the skill that earns the patch:

* Build a Simple Machine

* Build a Catapult or Trebuchet

* Make Real Gears

* Build a Hydraulic Device

* Build a Vehicle

* Build a Stirling Engine

* Make a Rube Goldberg Machine

* Make an Object in CAD

* Create a Gear Ratio

* Build a Robotic Device

* Make a Kinetic Machine

When the DIYer clicks on one of these challenges, they are offered video instruction that will teach everything they need to know to complete that particular challenge.  [As a parent, I appreciate that these videos are already curated from YouTube by the DIY Moderators so kids don’t have to search in multiple places or bump into material that doesn’t apply.]  

In our example, let’s choose Make a Rube Goldberg Machine.  The challenge is explained: “Make use of the Six Simple Machines by combining them in creative, complicated, and comical ways to perform a simple task.  You must have at least 5 different mechanisms. Capture your best run with a video.” Along with the instructional video, there will be the videos of other DIYers that have completed the Make a Rube Goldberg Challenge.  

How amazing will it be to have our amazing FtF kids building a Rube Goldberg machine TOGETHER!?  THAT is why our family is so excited to share and bring DIY to the Fulltime Families community and we are eager to encourage your Awesome Kids with Awesome Skills!

Connecting to FTF DIY Club

Once you create and/or log in to your DIY account on the website [DIY.org] check the bottom of your Settings page, look for a section titled “My Connections.”  Click the “Connect an Adult” button and enter DIY@fulltimefamilies.com  address into the form. You will be automatically connected to the Club account. There is no limit to the number of adult dashboards you can link to your kid account.

DIY.org is built to be website driven so the changes in the settings, etc, must be on the website but the DIY App is available to upload videos to share completed challenges.

Summer Savings on all Fulltime Families Memberships

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For a Limited Time, Fulltime Families Memberships are on Sale!


From now through Midnight July 16th,2018  Fulltime Families Annual Membership are 25% off!  That brings an Annual Membership to below $40!

For just $33.75 you get access to savings on:

  • A Free Year of Escapees and Good Sams*
  • RV Health
  • Educational Courses
  • RV Service and Supplies
  • Homeschool Classes
  • No Kid Tax at Participating Campgrounds

Plus, find travel companions with our easy to use Fulltime Families Family Finder and join us at Upcoming Events!

There’s even better news for current members! Upgrade your membership during the month of July and save 25% off your upgrade!  To upgrade your account and take advantage of this limited time offer, send an email to jill@fulltimefamilies.com.

We’re excited to offer many new discounts for our membership and more to be launched soon!  Don’t miss out on these great deals!


Don’t miss out on this deal!



This Offer Expires July 16th, 2018 – After your payment processes, your PayPal Account will be credited with the discount rate.  $11.25 for New and  Renewing Members. A custom invoice will be sent for Lifetime Memberships. 

*Offer valid for New Members of these organizations only.  Sorry this offer can not be combined with other savings offers.

How to Downsize and Simplify for Full-time RV Life

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You have made the big decision to become a Fulltime Family, but now what? You have a home full of belongings and you need to decide what to store, what to bring with you, and what to sell or donate.  Here are some items to help get your started on your journey to Fulltime RV Life.

These Avery Removable Labels will help to keep you organized during your downsizing process. These labels will stay where placed and come off cleanly.

It is likely you will find plenty to throw out. Contractor bags are larger and thicker than regular kitchen bags.

If you are like most people, you will have pictures to store. The Iris Photo Keeper will keep your pictures sorted and safe.

It’s a good idea to scan all your important papers so you have digitized copies with you. The Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner is small enough to keep with you on the road.


Once your papers are scanned you will want to store them in a water and fireproof safe, along with other irreplaceable items you will leave in storage. The Honeywell Fire and Waterproof Safe is large enough to fit full size sheets of paper along with other small items like old pictures and jewelry.


For the important papers you will bring with you a lighter envelop-style fireproof bag is essential. The Large Home Safe Security Money Bag is fire proof to 1100 degrees, water resistant, and large enough for several passports, cash, and other must have documents.

When it comes to storage, vacuum bags are ideal. They take up less than half the space as boxes and when sealed are waterproof. This set from Ziploc has a variety of sizes to allow for bulky, lighter items and smaller, heavier ones.

Once everything is in storage you will want to protect it from pest and moisture. Old Fashioned Moth Balls don’t smell great, but they work well to repel bugs and rodents.

The DampRid products are excellent for keeping humidity down.

When it comes time for the garage sale you will need signs for the neighborhood. This kit also includes price tags, a change apron and more.

You will need bags for your garage sale. If you don’t already have a drawer full, you can get some from Amazon.






Let the Summer Camping Season Begin with Fulltime Families

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Are you finally camping this weekend, after a long winter at home, and wishing you could do it more often? Fulltime Families supports traveling families by providing community, education and discounts. If you RV travel with kids, either full-time, on weekends, for vacations, or even just dream to in the future, Fulltime Families is here for you!

Join us today to find your traveling neighborhood, get discounts, and learn how to become location independent before retirement.

Camping on a Budget with Thousand Trails

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As you plan your full-time adventures, you are probably wondering how to make the lifestyle more affordable. Campgrounds can be incredibly expensive, with nightly rates ranging anywhere from as low as $20 to over $100 a night. Some campgrounds offer weekly or monthly discounts for people who want to stay longer and save  money, but even with these discounts camping costs add up fast. Weekly rates tend to start at around $250 a week , while monthly rates vary from $400 a month to $1500 or more, depending on the location and park. A fellow traveling family recently shared that they just paid $25,000 for an annual camping site at a park near the beach in South Carolina. That’s over $2000 a month!  On average, a traveling Fulltime Family may spend $800 a month on campground fees, which is almost $10,000 in just one year. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Yosemite Lake RV Campground

So what is this Thousand Trails membership you keep hearing about?

There is a lot of information about Thousand Trails on the internet. While most of it is good, some is bad and some is outdated or inaccurate.  Thousand Trails is a group of 81 membership campgrounds across the country that are all owned by a company called ELS. There are two different types of Thousand Trails memberships available, a yearly zone camping pass or an upgraded membership.

The Zone Pass – Camping Pass

For the Zone Pass, Thousand Trails divided the country up into five zones. Members choose which zone(s) they want, and then pay yearly membership dues, currently $460 a year for a 4 year term or $575 for a yearly term,  and can purchase extra zones for $49 per zone, per year. The membership allows you to stay for free at any of the campgrounds in your zone for up to 14 days at a time. After each stay you have to be out of the system for 7 days before you can go to another park and stay for another 14 days for free. These memberships have a 60 day reservation window and are renewed yearly.

Upgraded  Memberships

The upgraded memberships give you access to  all of the zones, which is 81 campgrounds that are spread across the entire country. It has a one time purchase price and then members continue to pay yearly dues. One of the biggest benefits is that  members have longer stay times (21 days or 28 days) and the ability to go park to park with no time out of the system. A member could essentially stay in the system 365 days a year and never have to pay a nightly camping fee. There are 3 types of upgraded memberships: the Elite Basic, Elite Connections and the Ultimate Odyssey.

In addition to these memberships Thousand Trails has come out with a new Encore plan, called the Trails Collection, that you can add on to your Thousand Trails membership. The Trails Collection allows you to stay at 89 Encore parks for free and an additional 18 for only $20 a night!

Rancho Oso RV & Camping Resort

Have More Money For Other Things

When families are able to stay for free at Thousand Trails campgrounds it gives them more money to spend on other things that are important to them.  What would you do with the extra money that you save? Would you spend a week or two in the Florida Keys, or take the family on a cruise? Maybe buy the whole family a year long pass to Disney World? You could take a summer vacation up to Canada, or simply enjoy more of the everyday things along your journey without being worried about money all the time.  A Thousand Trails membership gives you freedom to explore your world with all the money you aren’t spending at campgrounds! Think of how much more you could do with your family if you were no longer paying nightly camping fees.

More Than Just Monetary Benefits

Thousand Trails campgrounds are very family friendly. They allow up to 10 people per campsite, so you will never be charged for your children to camp with you. The memberships also have great family benefits that make it easy for your extended family to enjoy camping too. All of these benefits are great, but there is so much more! One of the best things about a Thousand Trails membership is all the amazing people you will meet. Thousand Trails parks are a great place to connect with other traveling families that are doing the same thing you are doing, leading to lasting friendships and wonderful memories.

Gettysburg Farms RV Campground

How to Get a Thousand Trails Membership

Getting a membership is easy because we have our very own dedicated Thousand Trails representative who is a member of our Fulltime Family family. Alisha Deschene and her family have been on the road for over 3 1/2 years. She is a wealth of knowledge and has helped so many other fulltime families understand the programs and get their memberships started. She will answer all of your questions, help you decide which membership is best for your family and get you the very best deal possible to save you even more money.

And, as an added benefit, Fulltime Families members who use Alisha to purchase their Thousand Trails membership will receive a rebate from Fulltime Families as our way of saying thank you! You can reach Alisha at 207-270-1121 or by email at alishaplus8@yahoo.com   If you aren’t already a member of Fulltime Families, we have many additional benefits you can see here https://www.fulltimefamilies.com/joinftf/benefits/. At Fulltime Families we connect and support traveling families by providing encouragement, community and discounts, and we hope to meet you down the road!


Fulltime Families visits the Escape Code

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This spring, 50 traveling families headed to Branson, Missouri, in the Ozark Mountains, to host the Fulltime Families Showbiz Rally.  While Branson is popular for its entertainment theaters, it has a wide variety of other attactactions to choose from. Ranked as one of the best escape rooms in the country, the Escape Code was top on our list.  This was our first visit to an escape room, so we were all very excited for the experience. The children spent considerable time volunteering their strengths before attending. The 5 year old volunteered to fit into small spaces.  The 12 year old volunteered to do all the reading. The 11 year old volunteered to yell very loudly. The 9 year old wanted to be master of the keys.


The Escape Code, 4560 North Gretna Road, Branson, MO 65616,  is located in the Shoppes at Branson Meadows complex. When we arrived, we were greeted by the staff and explained what was about to happen.  After signing the waivers to play, we chose the “The Guest House” experience. Tasked with solving the mystery of a houseguest who disappeared.  Once we were ready to play, the staff lead us to a large open room with couches and puzzle games to watch a video about the experience we had chosen.  


As we entered the room, we were handed a note and a key to get us started. The timer began when we closed the door.  With the experience we chosen, we had an hour time limit to complete the game. The room was small and filled with all kinds of items. During the first five minutes the kids turned over anything that could be moved and tried all the keys in every padlock. After that, we figured out a better strategy and began to work as a team. Everyone was able to participate on some level.  Our kids are ages 12, 11, 9, and 5.


Each of the kids took turns figuring out the clues.  Our daughter was really good at the color clues and our oldest son really was excited to crack codes of letters and numbers. “ I told you” was our 9 year olds favorite line.  Our youngest, just wanted free clues, of which were unlimited but in order for your time to count on the leader board you needed less than 4. The time passed very quickly. As the clock kept running down, everyone became a little more concerned we were not going to escape.  But with only three minutes remaining, we escaped!


The Escape Code is a perfect family and team building experience.  As a family, we especially enjoyed the experience together. Not only are children 5 and under free, but the games are perfectly sized for a family.  Our family of 6 received a dedicated game room, and really enjoyed it. For the hours and more details check out https://www.escapecode.tv/.  Fulltime Families is a membership organization that connects and supports traveling families by providing community, education and discounts.


Fulltime Families visits Dolly Parton’s Stampede

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On Tuesday, May 1, we attended Dolly Parton’s Stampede in Branson, MO with 4 adults and 7 children, ranging in age from 5 to 15. In its 24th season, this “most-visited dinner attraction in the world” includes a line up full of music, friendly competitions, comedic capers, equestrian showmanship, and a 4 course meal. Fulltime Families was charged a discounted media rate in exchange for this review, and provided with some of the photographs included.

Prior to the show we found a seat in the Carriage Room to enjoy the White River Wranglers, a folk band made up of three brothers playing folk, bluegrass, gospel, and even some Justin Timberlake, and snack on nachos and popcorn, purchased a la carte.

After the thirty minute show everyone was led to the arena for the main attraction, where we were seated in individual chairs in front of a counter. Each row of about 25 people had a waiter who served from a designated walkway in front of the counter, allowing them to walk back and forth during the show with little disruption to the view.

The sides of the arena were divided into North and South, and guests rooted for their side in a variety of competitions, ranging from professional equestrians trying to pop balloons from horseback, to pig races, to children from the audience trying to be the first to get their assigned chickens across the finish line. Mixed in was some comedy, magic, dancing, and tricks on horseback. A favorite part of the show was Canine Capers, where two teams of dogs competed in agility, stunts and jumps. The best part was that all of the dogs in the show were rescued from shelters and trained to perform in the Stampede. We also learned about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program that sends one book a month from birth until age 5 to children in certain communities.

During some carefully timed breaks in the entertainment food was served, including rolls, creamy vegetable soup, corn on the cob, potatoes, a whole rotisserie chicken, pork loin, and dessert. Be warned – there is no silverware provided, so if you have a child in braces you may want to bring a plastic knife for the corn (there is a bag check on the way in). The food was well made and plentiful, and they provide doggy bags. Vegetarian meals are available if pre-ordered, and soft drinks are included and unlimited.

Our entire party enjoyed the one hour dinner show. There was plenty of variety and it moved quickly, so even the five year old was captivated, while the teens and adults were entertained as well. After the show we exited through the gift shop where there were a variety of souvenirs, then past the horses, along with many of their riders, who were available to answer questions.

Most shows in Branson seemed to be aimed at older adults, so Dolly Parton’s Stampede stands out as a family friendly option when visiting the area with children. It will entertain children through grandparents at prices range from $29.99 to $34.99 plus tax for children and $49.99 to $54.99 plus tax for adults.

Top 10 things to do in Branson Missouri for Families

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Branson Missouri is the Live Show Capital of the Midwest.  A micropolitan area of 83,000 people, with 11,000 living in the city of Branson.  Branson is a destination area catering to tourists, starting in 1950 with square dances hosted in the Marvel Cave.  Branson has hosted two Fulltime Families rallies and provides many enjoyable activities. The following places have been used by other Fulltime Families and are easy to recommend to other traveling families.     

Branson Landing

Perfect for an evening out or an afternoon adventure. The water shows start on the hour, and are similar to the famous Las Vegas water shows.  The Outdoor mall space at Branson Landing has plenty of shops and restaurants. Visit the arcade for a chance to encounter Zombies, Werewolves, or Mechanical Bots on the 7D laser ride. (Recommended by other FTFs)  Stroll along the riverfront and enjoy the watershow.  (Free)


There are several good hiking trails in the Branson area.  The Branson Waterfall hike is a .8 mile hike to a waterfall following a river.  Great hike for families with small kids with great photo opportunities. The Homestead Trail is part of the Ruth and Paul Henning State Forest.  This trail is a 3.5 mile loop rated as a moderate hike which has some elevation change and small waterfalls. A fun hike with older kids.

Pickin Porch Restaurant

Friendly Staff and amazing food. Try a Burnt End sandwich if they haven’t run out. Kid friendly seating in a unique market atmosphere.  Free live music on weekends. A new favorite BBQ place.

College of the Ozarks  

Don’t miss a tour to this unique educational experience. A beautiful campus where students work to pay for their education.  Try some ice cream at the creamery or splurge on a delicious meal at Dobyns Dining Room. The food features farm to table food, all prepared by students at the college. (Free to tour)

Escape room

Challenging but fun! If your family likes to work together to solve things, this place is for you.  No matter if you break the code or not the Escape Room will not disappoint. Family friendly.


Do not miss this hidden treasure of the Ozarks with pancakes larger than platters. Come with a empty stomach and leave with a smile.

Country Market

This local grocery store in Branson has everything you will need.  

iMax Branson

Visit iMax Branson for a look back at the Ozarks in pioneer days with Ozarks: Legacy & Legend or see the latest Avengers movie in 3D.  Branson’s #1 ranked cinema is family friendly.  Stop by McFarlain’s Family Restaurant located in the same complex for lunch or dinner.

Dolly Parton Stampede

This dinner attraction will not disappoint. If you only do one live performance while in Branson, the Branson Stampede is a must.  An amazing extravaganza joining horse stunts, musical productions & special effects with a home-cooking dinner.  Come hungry and get ready for a lively show of live animals, special effects and a some humor .  Perfect for all ages.

America’s Best Cafe @ ABC Campground

If you want a delicious meal for a great price this is the place for you.  This delicious cafe is walking distance from ABC campground, co-located at the Celebrity Station.   From Burgers to Mexican, Cheese It Up will not disappoint. America’s Best Cafe is open most days for Breakfast and Dinner.  Prices are already incredibly low, for a tourist town, but Paul and family is especially kind to other Families. Mention Fulltime Families!


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