One of the trickiest things about traveling long term is making sure you are able to build relationships with like-minded individuals along the way. Sure, you might meet new people at each campground, but how do you build a close-knit traveling community with deep connections, a willingness to help one another in times of need, and that “village” mentality we all long for? 

To the surprise of many, building an RV community such as this is totally possible! That said, you will need to put in some effort in order to find your traveling tribe and make those connections. 

In this article, we will give you our top tips on creating a traveling community that becomes like family. These tips will help you create the friendships you’ve always wanted for your family while also allowing you to live the travel life of your dreams. 

Attend Fulltime Families Events

The first thing we recommend doing when seeking out an RV community? Join Fulltime Families and attend an event. You can choose a full rally event with tons of other families, a smaller and more laid-back hangout, or even just one of the field trips offered in certain locations.

Whatever you choose, make a point of chatting with as many people as possible, and take note of the kids your kids seem to connect with. As you do this, you should start to get a feel for the people you would choose as part of your tribe and can make plans to see those individuals again. 

Snag a Thousand Trails Membership

An enormous number of Fulltime Families members have Thousand Trails memberships. In fact, many families only stay in Thousand Trails parks. This is awesome because it means you are likely to find another Fulltime Families member every time you visit a Thousand Trails location.

For this reason, we highly recommend investing in a Thousand Trails membership so you can meet up with families in these budget-friendly parks and even meet some new friends during your visits to these locations. 

Traveling community around a campfire on the beach

Join Fulltime Families Branches

The Fulltime Families branches are another great way to connect with other traveling families. There are branches for certain locations that allow you to find people nearby, as well as branches for those with certain interests that give you a chance to connect with like-minded nomads.

Use social media to join the branch groups that apply to you and your family, and stay active in the groups you join. Be sure to post your location in the weekly location roundup posts, and if you see someone nearby, give them a shout!

Share Travel Plans

Once you find some people you really enjoy spending time with, share your travel plans (RV Trip Wizard works well for this) with them and ask to see theirs. Because many travelers head north in summer and south in winter, there is a decent chance your travel paths will overlap here and there. Knowing you’re going to see that person again can make goodbyes a whole lot easier and will encourage everyone involved to be more invested in the friendship. 

Be Flexible with Your Travel Plans

In addition to the tip above, it’s also a good idea to be flexible with your travel plans. If you and your new friends share your plans and realize you overlap by just a day in a certain location, consider altering your plans slightly to overlap a bit longer. If you’ll be in the same area but not the same campground, think about adjusting so you are camping in the same spot.

Changing plans to be with friends is worth the extra effort and will help you build the relationships needed to create a true RV community. 

RV caravan on a beach

Plan to Caravan

Eventually, you will likely find yourself planning routes alongside your tribe to ensure you are carvaning together or at least meeting up regularly.

Often, winter is the best time to plan these long periods of time with your traveling community, as most people are headed to the same few areas and plan to stay there for a few months. That said, there are plenty of RV families who travel together throughout the summer months.

No matter how you do it, this is the ultimate way to build a traveling community, so be sure you are being flexible enough to make it work. 

Plan Experiences with Your RV Community

The best way to build deep connections with anybody is to experience things with them. Sure, sitting in the campground around the fire counts as an experience, and you will definitely connect with others this way, but sometimes it’s good to get out of the campground and experience other things together.

Plan field trips with your RV community. Go on hikes, visit museums, and check out local zoos. Volunteer together if you can! The more you see and do with your nomadic tribe, the closer you’re going to feel. 

Offer a Helping Hand

One of the major benefits of having a traveling community is the fact that they are there to help out when problems arise. Of course, this aspect of the relationship needs to be reciprocal, so be sure to offer a helping hand whenever you can, even if the community member isn’t asking for help directly.

Have a buddy without internet? Offer your extra hotspot or give them your Starlink password. Just heard your friend ran out of gas? Hop in the truck and get them a can of fuel. Little acts of kindness like this help build trust between community members and are probably the fastest way to create the bond that comes with a close-knit community. 

Yes, building a strong traveling community while on the road can be tricky, but it is possible and is 100% worth the effort. In fact, many long-term RVers will tell you that their traveling community is exactly what has kept them on the road for years and years. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make some friends!

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