The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is filling newsfeeds and news channels everywhere. It’s difficult to go online or turn on a TV without seeing something about the coronavirus. Still, even with all the available information surrounding the topic, there is very little information available that is geared toward fulltime RVers.

This isn’t surprising. After all, we make up a very small percentage of the population. However, having access to this information is important for planning and preparation while navigating the coronavirus. For this reason, we are going to use this article to try to inform the RV population and help them stay safe and comfortable until we come out on the other side.

Fulltime Families coronavirus preparations

Preparations and Precautions

Let’s first discuss what you need to know in order to be prepared for most (if not all) possible scenarios. Doing these things will help keep your family healthy and happy. You can start off by understading the relation between UV-C lighting and COVID-19.

Get to Where You Want to Stay

More and more, we are seeing campgrounds closing, and “shelter in place” orders are now coming into play in certain areas. There is also a strong possibility that we will begin to see travel bans and road closures in the coming days and weeks. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get where you want to be for the next several weeks and ensure it’s a place you will be able to stay if at all possible.

Some examples of places you might be able to stay long-term include any land owned by you, a family member, or a friend—or, if you’re set up for it, a boondocking location. Know that private parks could decide to close at any moment, and travel restrictions could make traveling to family or friends impossible.

Fill Your Water Tank

Because campgrounds could choose to close and force you to find somewhere else to be, it isn’t a bad idea to keep your freshwater tank full. This will give you some water to use for handwashing and cleaning dishes should you end up dry camping for a bit.

It’s also a good idea to keep water in your fresh tank if you plan to move from one spot to another, even if you already have a foolproof destination in mind. Why? Because having water on hand allows you to use your own restroom and kitchen on the way to your next stop, potentially reducing the spread of the virus.

Have a Generator and Some Fuel on Hand

Just as you’ll want to make sure you have some water on hand at all times, it’s a good idea to keep a generator and fuel at the ready, and be sure to fill your propane tanks. All of these things will be nice to have should you find yourself displaced for a few days and will keep you comfortable until you can find a new place to settle in.

Conserve Laundry

We’ve heard reports of campgrounds closing laundry rooms, and laundromats across the country are closed for business. Unless you have a washer and dryer onboard your rig, this could make things difficult for you when it comes to having clean clothes to wear.

Fortunately, staying home all day everyday means your clothes probably aren’t getting all that dirty. If you find yourself without a way to do laundry for a while, we recommend…

  1. Wearing your outfits more than once.
  2. Opting for disposable diapers over cloth ones (ideally the more eco-friendly ones, if you can swing it).
  3. Doing what you can to cut down on laundry and make the clean clothes you have last as long as possible.

Coronavirus help

How to Help

The RV community is a community of helpers. Many of you are looking for ways to help out during this event. While we can’t necessarily recommend going out into the local community to help out—noble as the thought may be—there are still plenty of things you can do to make the world a better place.

Stay Home

First and foremost, stay home. While you and your family may not get all that sick from coronavirus, there are too many people who will. By going out, you’re helping to spread the virus, potentially passing it to those with weak immune systems.

Because we want to nip this virus in the bud, it is absolutely essential that you stay home (except the once-weekly trip to collect essentials) and protect those who may not be able to fight it.

Check on Your Neighbors

If you’re in an RV park, chances are you have neighbors who fall into the high-risk category and are self isolating completely. While you shouldn’t go knock on their door, try checking on them through a phone call, text message, or social media message.

If your park has a Facebook page, consider offering to pick up supplies for those who can’t leave home the next time you’re headed on a weekly supply run.

Volunteer Virtually

Keeping spirits up when everyone is stuck at home is going to be difficult for sure, especially if this situation lasts for weeks on end. If you have a special skill, consider sharing it online to cheer people up.

Those who can play instruments can post live streams of their music; those who can draw could create fun comics; and those who practice martial arts could offer free video lessons.

If everyone offers a bit of what they know and love, we might just get through this with a smile on our faces.

Donate to Charity

Finally, there is the option of monetary donations. Obviously, not everyone will be able to donate money, especially if their work is being affected by social distancing.

However, some of us are very lucky in that we are able to work from home, and our jobs won’t be affected at all (or at least less than most). If this is the case for you, consider giving money to a charity that is helping ensure everyone in the community is getting the food, supplies, and medical care they need.

Hopefully this information helps you with navigating the coronavirus—and the associated social distancing and shutdowns—with grace and a smile, while also giving you the opportunity to help others do the same. As always, the Fulltime Families community is here to help in any way we can. Let’s do this together!

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