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Looking for a warm and sunny winter RV destination? You aren’t alone. Every year, hundreds of full time families head south for the winter in an effort to escape the snow, ice, and cold found in the rest of the US.

Fortunately, there are a number of great warm winter RV escapes to choose from. Whether you’re hoping for amazing hiking, beautiful beaches, exciting theme parks, or some combination of these things, you’re sure to find a place to spend the winter that suits your needs and wants. 

Not sure where to look for awesome winter RV destinations? These spots are some of our favorite places to be during the cold months. 

Castle Walt Disney World: Florida is the perfect place to spend your RV winter


Florida is a very, very popular winter RV home base. This is both good and bad. The good thing is that you’re sure to find a lot of fellow full time families to hang out with during the winter in sunny Florida.

The bad part? It can be difficult to snag reservations. Even so, we think the extra effort to find a place to stay is worthwhile. 

Everglades National Park

One of our favorite places to visit in winter is Everglades National Park. Yes, this place is cool no matter when you visit, but in our opinion, winter is best thanks to lovely weather, fewer rainstorms, and fewer bugs. 

The Anhinga Trail is a must-see while in Everglades National Park. This amazing trail features all kinds of gorgeous birds. Additionally, it is not uncommon at all to see alligators along this path. This can be especially exciting if you join the nighttime ranger walk along the trail, as you might just see a gator on the move!

The Florida Keys

For an extra warm and absolutely beautiful RV winter escape, head to the Florida Keys. Located at the very southern tip of Florida, this string of islands features incredible state parks, amazing paddling trails, crystal clear waters, and lots and lots of water-loving wildlife. 

We especially love the paddling trails in Curry Hammock State Park and the beaches at Bahia Honda State Park. John Pennekamp State Park features a ship wreck that provides amazing snorkeling opportunities not far from the beach, and Key West has tons of fun options including Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, the Southernmost Point of the Continental U.S., and lots of museums. 

Central Florida

Orlando might not quite be as warm as the Keys but it is still warmer than most places, and thanks to a variety of amazing attractions and activities, it’s a great winter RV camp spot.

We highly recommend grabbing a Thousand Trails pass and staying at Thousand Trails Orlando for part of the winter, as you will find tons of full time families to hang out with and there are always activities going on within the park. (Join Fulltime Families to learn about FtF events in this campground!)

Outside of the campground, you’ll find a variety of amazing amusement parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND (watch out for the Fulltime Families LEGOLAND event). Many RVers get annual passes to at least one of these parks and spend their winter riding coasters. 

Get tickets to the 2024 Legoland event here!

A bird perched on a dune at Padre Island National Seashore: Texas is an ideal winter RV spot


Another wonderful place to spend winter in an RV? The great state of Texas. While northern Texas does get pretty chilly, the southern part of the state tends to be plenty warm even in December and January, making it a great winter RV destination. 

Austin, Texas

Austin is an awesome place to spend some of your winter. This is a vibrant city with an exciting and welcoming culture, not to mention tons of incredible food. We especially love the barbecue found in Austin, and we have found Amy’s Ice Cream is a superb place for dessert. 

McKinney Falls State Park is a wonderful place to stay and explore. Besides that, we also recommend checking out the museums in the city, including the Thinkery and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum. 

Padre Island National Seashore

Another fantastic Texas winter destination, Padre Island National Seashore will give you all the beach fun you could hope for, even in the middle of the cold season.

We love this particular destination because it is possible to camp right on the beach. There are both designated campsites and dispersed campsites available, and either way, you’ll have easy access to the sand and the water. 

Another special thing about this place? Because it’s a national seashore, it is relatively untouched, meaning there’s plenty of wildlife and natural beauty wherever you look. 

South Padre Island

Not too far from Padre Island National Seashore, South Padre Island is another excellent option for winter RVing. This place is more developed than the national seashore. It is also a bit further south, meaning the weather is often even a bit warmer, something you’re sure to appreciate in January. 

We love spending the winter at South Padre Island because it’s a super popular place with full time families, meaning making friends with other traveling families is a cinch, especially if you can snag a spot in Isla Blanca Park.

In addition to hanging with fellow wandering families, you’re also sure to love the surfing and sandcastle building that so many enjoy on the beaches in South Padre. 

Big Bend National Park

Okay, so Big Bend National Park is not nearly as warm as the other locations mentioned so far. It does tend to have pretty mild winters though, with average highs in January sitting at around 58 degrees (°F). This is comfortable enough for hiking, something you’ll definitely want to do while exploring this gorgeous place. 

Be sure to take full advantage of the low crowd levels during the winter months by hitting as many trails as possible. We especially love the Lost Mine Trail. We also highly recommend the spectacular stargazing opportunities the park offers visitors. 

Joshua trees in Joshua Tree National Park, the ideal RV winter destination

Southern California 

Southern California is a favorite of snowbirds. The reason? This area is warm, sunny, and chock-full of fun. It’s the ideal escape for outdoorsy people, as the hiking, biking, and surfing opportunities are incredible here. That said, the area has its fair share of other things to do as well. 

San Diego, California

Our favorite southern California city, San Diego has a lot to offer no matter what your hobbies and interests may be.

The surfing scene in this place is huge, the wildlife watching is incredible, and the hiking and mountain biking in the surrounding areas are pretty incredible as well. Of course, it helps that the weather is almost always warm and sunny, making it possible to enjoy these things in the winter. 

Not into any of those things? You’re sure to love the arts scene in the city as well as the many museums found there. Of course, you’ll also want to visit the famous San Diego Zoo. 

Joshua Tree National Park

Easily one of the best national parks to visit during the winter months, Joshua Tree National Park is a wonderful spot to make yourself at home for a bit. This is a gorgeous park filled with amazing desert scenery, excellent bouldering opportunities, and some of the best stargazing in the country. 

You can choose to camp in the park at one of the NPS campgrounds or do some boondocking on the BLM land that surrounds the park (just make sure you learn about boondocking in the desert first). There is also the option of picking up a Thousand Trails membership and staying at Thousand Trails Palm Springs, which is very near the park but also near plenty of amenities and typically filled with full time traveling families. 

Path in Saguaro National Park, another excellent winter RV spot


It’s no secret that a huge number of snowbirds flock to Arizona in the winter months, and honestly, this just makes sense. Many parts of the state are warm and there are plenty of places to explore, especially if you’re a fan of the great outdoors (which many RVers are).

Phoenix, Arizona

In our opinion, Phoenix is well worth a visit, especially as a winter RV destination. There are lots of RV parks around, but many don’t allow families, so be sure to do your research and book in advance. Another option is to boondock in the open desert surrounding Phoenix. We love this option because it is so affordable!

During your time in the city, be sure to visit the Musical Instrument Museum as well as the Desert Botanical Garden. A hike up Camelback Mountain is a must-do for those who enjoy strenuous hikes, but there are also plenty of easier hikes in the area. Looking for something especially unique to do? You might want to book a hot air balloon ride, an activity that is quite popular in Phoenix.

Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is another national park that is just perfect for wintertime adventures. This park sees many perfect days during the cooler season, and is just as pretty in December and January as it is in the summer—maybe even more so!

We love that there is free boondocking near Saguaro National Park and that it is near the city of Tucson, meaning plenty of amenities and activities to keep everyone busy and happy. In addition to plenty of hikes in the national park, we also highly recommend a visit to Sabino Canyon, a meal at Organ Stop Pizza, and a visit to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. 

Cactus and small boat on beach in Baja, MX. Baja is a great winter RV destination for adventurous people.

Baja, Mexico

Finally, we must mention the Baja peninsula of Mexico, located directly south of California. This winter RV destination will take a little more planning and preparation, but trust us when we say it is well worth the extra effort.

This incredible place provides all the sunshine you could want all winter long. On top of that, the peninsula features gorgeous beaches (including many that allow camping), insanely delicious tacos, adventures galore, and beautiful scenery around every corner. 

Check out these tips to learn more about camping in Baja so you can go in prepared. Not sure you want to do Baja on your own? You can always join the Fulltime Families Caravan event.  

Clearly, there are plenty of places to stay warm while RVing in the winter. Not only that, but these winter RV spots offer some super fun adventures that will make winter RV travels memorable and special. Choose any spot on this list and you’re sure to have an amazing time! Plan to visit with fellow full time families or attend an event in the area, and you’re bound to have an even better time. 

What are you waiting for? Choose the place that sounds most appealing to you and get out there and have an amazing winter season!

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