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Summer is here! While RVing is definitely fun all year round, the summertime might just be the very best time to be an RVer. During the summer season, more RV parks are open, fun family activities are taking place all over the country, and the weather is great for outdoor adventures.

Ready to tackle summer and make the most of this amazing season? Here is a summer bucket list for full time RVing families. See if you can do everything on this list before the fall rolls around!

Visit a National Park

Our national parks are easily the most spectacular spots in the USA, and they are absolutely perfect destinations for RVers. Make sure you visit at least one national park this summer so you can take in the beauty of our amazing country!

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Hit the Beach

There’s nothing quite like a summer day on the beach. Fortunately, when you have the whole country at your fingertips, an amazing beach is totally reachable. Heck, you could even camp right on the beach!

Whether you choose to head to the ocean beaches of Florida, the lake beaches of Michigan, or somewhere else entirely, your family is sure to love making memories in the sand and water.

Head to a Theme Park

Theme parks are another wonderful thing to check out during the summer months, and we’re betting you’ll park your RV near one at some point this summer season. Some of our favorite amusement parks include Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, Hershey Park, LEGOLAND, and Dollywood, but you’re sure to have an amazing time no matter which park you choose.

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Zoom Down a Water Slide

No summer is complete without at least one water slide experience. Whether you choose a campground with a water slide (Jellystone Parks are amazing for this!) or head to a water park, we highly recommend slipping and sliding as much as you can before the weather cools down.

Hike to a Waterfall

Whether you do it in a national park or in another natural area, hiking to a waterfall is a magical adventure that every hiker deserves to experience and the perfect summer bucket list item. There are amazing waterfall hikes scattered all across the US. We recommend using AllTrails to find one.

Try Locally Made Ice Cream

Honestly, any ice cream is good during the summer. That said, locally made ice cream is the best of the best, and it definitely deserves a place on your summer bucket list. Make a point of finding local ice cream in every town you visit for an extra fun addition to your summer travels.

Picking produce: an excellent summer bucket list activity

Image source: Unsplash

Go Produce Picking

Summer is also a great time to go produce-picking. From blackberries to peaches, you’re found to find some amazing fruits to pick no matter where you plan to spend the summer. We love this idea because it 1) helps kids understand where their food comes from, 2) provides a healthy treat for the family, and 3) helps you get to know the locals.

Tube Down a River

If you’re looking to cool off, you may want to head to the local river, plop a tube in the water, and go for a ride. We appreciate that this is an inexpensive way to get outside and enjoy nature in comfort, even when it’s blazing hot outside.

Explore a Cave

Yet another way to stay cool, exploring a cave is a wonderful addition to any summer bucket list. We are particularly fond of the tours of Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, as well as the self-guided tours of the Ape Cave lava tube in Washington State. That said, any cave you choose is sure to be amazing!

Catch a Fish

For a relaxing activity that allows you to really take in the view, consider going fishing. We love that fishing can be done pretty much anywhere in the country, and carrying the gear in your RV is relatively easy, making it a perfect hobby for an RVer.

Check Out a Science Museum

Our country is chock-full of incredible museums, including some of the best science museums in the world. Why not grab an ASTC reciprocal membership and head to a few science museums this summer to enhance your roadschool experience?

Wander a Zoo

Another awesome type of attraction there is no shortage of in the US? Zoos. We have dozens of excellent zoos across the country, and many of them can be accessed at a deep discount if you have an AZA reciprocal membership. Add zoos to your summer bucket list!

Hit the Skating Rink

Of course, we mustn’t forget the old-school activities that made summer amazing when we were kids. Skating is definitely one of those, and we love that it is made affordable by the Kids Skate Free program. Find a rink near where you plan to spend a good chunk of time and take your kids to enjoy some fast-paced fun!

Ball rolling down bowling lane; bowling is a great summer bucket list activity

Image source: Unsplash

Add Bowling to Your Summer Bucket List

Another tried-and-true activity that the kids are sure to love? Bowling. Fortunately, the Kids Bowl Free program makes it possible to take them without spending a small fortune. Again, you will want to choose a location that is near where you’ll spend the bulk of your summer.

View Some Epic Sunsets

One of the great things about traveling in an RV is that it allows you to wander off the beaten path, and off the beaten path is where some of the best sunsets in the world are found. Whether you’re headed to the desert, the mountains, or the seaside, make sure to get outside and enjoy some epic sunsets as a family.

Enjoy a Movie Together

Once the sun goes down, set up a projector and enjoy a movie together under the stars. Don’t have a projector? An indoor movie could be just as fun. Just make sure to choose a movie the whole family can enjoy together.

Grill Out

Of course, you’ll want to grill as many meals outside as possible in order to fully enjoy the great outdoors. If you can, invite friends to grill out with you and make it a party. Just make sure you have a decent grill before you dive in!

Sit Around a Campfire

After you grill out, break out the marshmallows and set up a campfire. There’s nothing quite like ending a night of summer adventure sitting around a campfire swapping stories and singing with friends, so a campfire should absolutely be on your summer bucket list!

Make New Friends

Last but definitely not least, make an effort to make new friends this summer. RVing friends are some of the best friends in the world, and when you can share your summer bucket list experiences with your friends, they become even more incredible.

Not sure how to make RV friends? Head to a Fulltime Families event to get the ball rolling.

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